Drunk And Naked West Virginia Man Arrested For Assault, DUI, Indecent Exposure

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Yes, he’s drunk and crazy, but still, how could he stand being naked when it was so obviously freezing outside? Via WV Metro:

A man is under arrest after numerous complaints someone was exposing himself to residents in the Eastern Panhandle.

Charles Town Police said they got a complaint Tuesday evening just after 5:30, and then four other times within about an hour regarding a man who was in the subdivisions of Norborne Glebe and Crosswinds.

Complaints ranged from assault to ringing a woman’s doorbell and exposing himself. In one incident in Crosswinds, the male was nude from the waist down while trying to gain entry to a residence.

In the final complaint received by officers just before 6:30 in the evening, a woman in Crosswinds said a male who was nude from the waist down assaulted her as she left her vehicle.

Police said they located the man they believe was involved in the incidents. They conducted a traffic stop near Crosswinds Drive and arrested John Britt, 60, of Martinsburg.

He was taken to the Eastern Regional Jail. His charges include indecent exposure, sexual abuse, DUI, obstructing an officer, and fingerprint refusal.

[WVMetro: Man accused of assault, exposing himself in Charles Town]

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