Drunken Thanksgiving Brawl At Massachusetts Restaurant Leaves Family Members Bloodied And Shirtless

Posted November 25, 2023 by with 9 comments

I guess this is what Americans do on the night before Thanksgiving, in the middle of a pandemic? I wouldn’t know. I’ve completely retreated from public life in this godforsaken country, and have no intention of ever returning. NBC Boston has the report above on a brawl in a restaurant called “Kowloon” (why does that sound like a sex act?) in Saugus, Massachusetts. And below, it’s an unedited clip of the brawl, which does include footage of a man with a very bloody face:

Kowloon looks more like a bar than a restaurant, and it’s fun to see the girls with long hair and big boobs still managing to hold their cocktails up while brawling with the men.

Anyone know this guy’s @?