“Endless Shrimp” Partly To Blame For Red Lobster Demise

Posted May 1, 2024 by with 5 comments

Well, I would’ve liked to see them go out on their own terms in a more dignified manner, but Red Lobster’s bankruptcy and demise is reportedly inevitable now, and their “endless shrimp” promotion is partly to blame. When I was 6 or 7 years old, my mom worked at Red Lobster, and I can remember putting on her Red Lobster uniform—which consisted of a knee length dark red skirt, a fluffy white blouse, an accompanying dark red vest (or apron?), and I think a black bow tie—and sashaying around the house, pretending to be a waitress just like her. Now, Red Lobster is just another little piece of my childhood killed off by corporate greed, bloodthirsty shareholders, and the unsustainable rot of American capitalism. Report below via WSJ:

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