SHOCK: Twink Power Couple Evan Parker & Andy Taylor Split

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Their young love has been going strong for at least a year, but it’s my sad duty to report that Helix superstars and #1 twink power couple Evan Parker and Andy Taylor have officially broken up and are no longer romantically involved. It always seemed like nothing could tear them apart, but maintaining a relationship in the public eye is a lot harder than any of us can imagine.

hx104_scene82_032Andy Taylor and Evan Parker broke up privately nearly a month ago, but the news has now gone public after Parker (who was voted the Twink Supreme by Str8UpGayPorn readers earlier this year) was seen canoodling with multiple twinks at Helix’s “White Party” event in San Diego last weekend.

liam evanIs Evan Parker already dating someone new? And if so, who? Perhaps the one twink raising the most eyebrows is former cheerleader turned power bottom sensation Liam Riley (seen at the White Party event with Evan Parker above), who had no comment when I asked if he and Evan Parker were a new power couple.

monkey While the two could be just friends, Liam Riley admitted to doing Evan Parker’s laundry yesterday, which has led to even more speculation:

liam evan 2But don’t get the wrong idea! Liam had nothing to do with Andy and Evan’s break up:

liam andy evanAnd, there’s no bad blood or tension between Andy Taylor and Liam, as the two were photographed together at the same event.

liam andyWhatever’s going on and whoever is with whom, try to focus on the positive and remember Andy Taylor and Evan Parker during the good times!


[Helix Studios: Evan Parker Fucks Andy Taylor]

  • Rob in London

    Andy appears absolutely distraught in your pics… if he needs a shoulder to cry on… I’ll (ever the martyr) offer mine. ..

  • Porn Star

    It’s difficult for most gay men to maintain a strong relationship for an extended period of time out of the public eye. I am sure the usual suspects caused the end to this young relationship: lack of communication and/or honesty.

    • Dakota

      Well items harder when you’re around naked men all the time and sleeping with them all. Not to mention their young ages

  • Zoompietro

    Clearly this is the result of Zach’s master plan to break them up with his Battle of the Helix Twinks contest. Some of you may recall that I predicted this very outcome back then, I saw through Zach’s schemes and I was right! Well played Zach, your devious plot was successful. Now you can console them both individually; which is what I’m sure you planned to do from the very beginning 😉

  • Todd

    My main question is who are Andy and Evan ? I’m beginning to feel so out of the current gay porn loop ……or perhaps there are just soooooooooo many people shooting gay porn now, I can’t keep them all *straight*

    • sxg

      Trust me they’re not worth the bother of finding out who they are.

  • I would love to be the fox that raids the Helix hen house someday. I hope Evan Parker is not really dating Liam who is such a queen it is embarrassing. Maybe he was just using Liam to try and make Andy jealous at the party.

  • MJ Riley

    both guys are in their early twenties? I think they will find love again.. 😛

  • Cosmic

    Is anyone actually surprised when a porn relationship fails?

  • T Bird

    The broke up over arguing about who was the fatter guy in the relationship

  • What a disappointing story. Although not surprising.