Evangelical Christian Pastor Arrested After Attempting To Push Cook’s Head Into McDonald’s Deep-Fryer

Posted December 30, 2023 by with 3 comments

Homicidal Christian psychopath? Check. Deadly fast food? Check. Workplace violence? Check. Everything you love about America, all in one story. Via The Smoking Gun:

Latoya Gladney, a 44-year-old manager in training at a McDonald’s in North Carolina, told police that her employees were “disrespecting” her last night, so she called her husband “to assist her.”

Investigators allege that when Dwayne Waden, a 57-year-old church pastor, subsequently arrived at the restaurant in High Point, he chose not to turn the other cheek.

Cops say Waden walked into the kitchen and began punching Theodore Garlington, a McDonald’s cook, in the face. Waden also allegedly wrapped his hands around Garlington’s neck and began “pushing his head toward the deep fryer,” according to a police report.


More details at the TSG link (other employees stepped in and saved the cook before he was dunked into the deep-fryer, and the pastor’s first trial date is next month), and if you have 47 minutes to spare (lol), watch the video below of the good pastor giving a sermon about the choices one makes in life that could send them to heaven or hell. I wonder where you end up after attempting to deep fry someone?