Everyone Was A Hot Mess At The Grabbys After Party

Posted May 24, 2015 by with 20 comments


If you thought the actual awards ceremony was a train wreck, get a load of the hot messes at the Grabbys after party, held this year at a bar called Charlie’s. I don’t remember arriving there, taking these photos/videos, or how I got back home, but apparently this is what happened?

mr. Pam with a surprise cameo from Bravo Delta; Dakota Wolfe, Mickey Taylor, and Eli Lewis:


Bray Love proudly showing off:


I can only imagine what Ryan Rose is grinning about? Also, mr.Pam and Men.com director Marc MacNamara sharing a very special moment:


Oh boy…


Pretty sure I blacked out at this point tbh:


IMG_9675I think this is another video of mr. Pam and Marc making out? Sorry.

The end.

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