Falcon Exclusive Ryan Rose Strongly Criticizes Falcon, Calls Out “Cum Dump”

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rygrabNever one to mince words, two-time Grabbys winner for Performer Of The Year Ryan Rose has some blunt criticism for Falcon Studios, where he’s been an exclusive for over three years.

First, in a tweet posted this afternoon, Ryan Rose took issue with the header image on Falcon’s Twitter account:

rr3Here’s the header image currently being displayed on Falcon’s Twitter account:

rrwRead Ryan Rose’s tweet, look at Falcon’s header image, and then go through a process of elimination to determine the cum dump:

1. We know Ryan Rose wasn’t talking about himself.

2. Carter Dane (to the right of Ryan Rose) is the CockyBoys exclusive to which he referred.

3. Sebastian Kross and Jacob Peterson (both to the right of Carter Dane) are Falcon exclusives.

4. JJ Knight (third from the right) is also a Falcon exclusive.

5. Scott DeMarco and Jack Hunter (first and second from the right) are the freelance models to which he referred.

6. Brenner Bolton (fourth from the right)—who is regularly fucked bareback and creampied on NextDoorRaw and Bromo—must be the cum dump.

Ryan Rose had another question for Falcon:

rr55Ryan Rose just completed a shoot in San Francisco with director mr. Pam for NakedSword, which is a sister company of Raging Stallion/Hot House/Falcon Studios (all of the studios are owned by conglomerate AEBN). He is currently appearing in another NakedSword movie, Fuck You I’m Infamous, and Hot House posted this tweet to promote the feature back on June 10th:

rrhot1Strangely, Cameron Diggs—who is not an exclusive with NakedSword, Hot House, Falcon, or Raging Stallion—appears in front of Ryan Rose on the promo image, which upset Ryan Rose:

rrho2t2 Ryan Rose wasn’t finished with Hot House. He then took the studio to task for using an image of a freelance model in its Twitter profile pic:

rrhotTo Ryan Rose’s point, I honestly have no idea who the freelance model is in Hot House’s profile pic:

hot44As of post time, Ryan Rose is continuing to send tweets to NakedSwordRagingHotFalcon. None of the studios’ accounts have responded.

rrsick rr77

  • Xzamilloh

    I hate to be that person again… but it’s fucking porn. What career? From studio to studio to “sextapes” to Rent Boy to Paper Magazine?


    • erexshawn

      it certainly won’t be much of a “career” now that he has bitten the hand that feeds him

      • R.A.M.J

        He’ll be “freelancing” himself soon. And because of shit like this, he wont get employed. I hope gogo “Dancing” pays well.

  • Norminah

    Don’t mind me, I’m just here for the tea and slander. He’s terrible, both as a person and porn star, not to mention that Falcon is a relic that prides itself more on muscles than actual talent.

    • Maximus

      “T and Slander” would be a great title for a gay legal thriller. I can see it now:

      “T and Slander by Rainbow Grisham, the long-lost gay twin brother of acclaimed novelist John Grishram, tells the story of a sickening young journalist/part-time drag queen. When the protagonist is sued for defamation after publishing an exposé on the shady business practices of America’s largest rhinestone manufacturing company, he quickly realizes that the company’s cunty CEO is personally committed to having him slayed, by any legal or illegal means necessary…”

      “Super, super gay.” —WeHo Weekly

      “Five pages in, and I was already covered in glitter.” —P-Town Post

      “Gag-worthy plot twists abound.” —Fire Island Free Lance

    • gaysiantwink

      Jacob is a really good performer tho

  • R.A.M.J

    Maybe he’s trying to get out of his contract. I’ve fired employees at various levels for talking shit about the company. Granted this is porn, but professionalism is professionalism. He sounds like a fucking entitled crybaby who isnt getting what he thinks he deserves.

    • Eddie

      Ryan has a point here ladies. Hes been a loyal employee of Falcon/Raging Stallion/Hot House and was the team captain of the A Team. Why is his studio mixing up the promos with a bunch of free lancers and non A Team exclusives after spending time and effort to do the opposite? This only dilutes what they were trying to accomplish. As for Ryan, hes always impressed me as a solid performer who always delivers in his scenes. Hes very good looking and keeps himself in great shape. So whine on if thats what gets you off.

      • R.A.M.J

        because 1) he’s not that good looking. personally Vadim is hotter, sorry. 2) both vadim and ryan are lousy performers. 3) they are advertising what I assume their audience wants to see. perhaps they are considering making one of those free lancers and exclusive and this is their way of testing if they will go over well.

      • R.A.M.J

        4) once you wipe your ass with $100 bills, you lose what little appeal you had (referring to Ry Rose)
        its time for him to join his pal diesel in the grumpy gay porn star retirement home. they can bitch about the industry together. At there they have each other to listen too and people who care of their opinion.

        • Diesel Washington

          And you can go to Bitchy Cunty Internet Troll Hotel from where u came from..
          Oh and….
          FUCK YOU I’m Infamous

          • R.A.M.J

            You might want to run a hot comb thru those nappy ass pubes bruh.

  • buffy2004

    This diva acctitude is incredible. He actually believe he is better than any other model that shoot with him. Him being pissed off about that cover, maybe they put cameron in front of his narcisist ass because cameron is 100% hotter than him???

    I just can’t with this guy.

    • Eddie

      Lodging valid complaints hardly makes one a narcisist. Hes invested an incredible amount of time and effort in promoting the Falcon brand and loyalty, like it or not, means something.

  • john

    Why Diesel Washington hasnt comment yet???????

    • sxg

      She’s probably desperate for work and wants to fill in RyRo’s soon to be vacant spot!

      • Diesel Washington

        Honey didn’t you Hear I retired…
        And Bitch you better stop coming for me…

      • Eddie

        You appear to be a very unhappy individual who gains satisfaction by demeaning others.

  • sxg


    The header for Sexflix & Chill clearly highlights ALL models that are in the film. She was in this film so she of all people should know who the hell is in it. But then again how can we expect this vain cunt to pay attention to anything that doesn’t involve her?

    And she should also know that even though they try to keep the studios separate, they have been passing around their exclusive models from studio to studio ever since they all merged. She’s worked at all four studios already, and she hasn’t been the only one, or even the first probably to do so. So no most models are not just a one-studio model.

    Way to commit career suicide RyRo! Hopefully Raging Falcon House are done with this cunt and cut her loose! And unless you decide to go back to barebacking, she won’t have much options. Cockyboys probably won’t want to hire him either, and after the drama they had with Diesel I doubt that Titan would want to deal with his “bestie.”

    So what does that leave you with? Men, NDS? lol To you and your porn career:


    • sxg

      BTW, while we’re dragging Trenton Douchecati for posting a pic of him holding a gun, this cunt right here posted this pic about 20hrs ago. She has no shame in her Republican stance on guns, much like her republican stance on the way she votes!

      • Dale Bergman

        Please. I’m so sure the Republican party would accept her line of work…


      • McM.

        Those type of people view themselves as heroes, trained and ready to jump in and solve a problem with their gun when something goes wrong.

        The thing is, in states with concealed or open-carry gun laws, incidences where this happens – gun carries utilizing their weapons to protect society at large rather than their own property/possessions – are isolated. You may read an article to this effect once every three to five years, but every other time there’s a public shooting, robbery, or “the shit hits the fan”, no one steps in.

    • Diesel Washington

      Sxg so far you used my name Twice in this post about Ryan..
      Dude, you follow me from blog to blog leaving these comments like you know me. Dude you are not a Porn Insider, you read models Twitter/Facebook/Instagram like EVERYBODY else. So tired of you carrying on like you privileged to information nobody else can get…
      Know your place, I’m on stage and you are merely in the audience.
      I don’t come to your Job and leave annoying notes in the suggestion box at McDonalds do I?
      So stop coming to my job , trying to slap the dicks out of my mouth.
      You stupid Internet Troll
      see how I did that?

      • sanfv


        I’m a long time fan and vocal proponent of you on this forum where people sometimes are not that kind to you. I wanted to ask why you didn’t say anything about the Vadim Black/ JD Phoenix scene on the video. Did you see the write up? They incorpotated the “I hate fags post” where he threatened a fan with an ar-15. You’ve read the bitch for filth before but I was expecting you to go on a Twitter rant ( which I love, because you’re unapologetic).

        You’ve done “I have something to say” videos for a bit now and thought you would’ve said something about NS pushing that scene so close to Orlando.

        • Diesel Washington

          First off,
          At first I didn’t know that Ryan was in the movie with Me until days after filming.. I didn’t know VB/JD was even in the movie until the release date. As far as release date, I’m told about it a week in advance when I get the Promotional material. Lastly going on a rant about both would only draw attention to their scene. Less attention they get makes their scene look like a Filler..It lacked connection/passion. And is anybody talking about their scene? Nope.
          And I was too busy trying to create a Vid to bring awareness to the Victims and lack of gun control.

          • sanfv

            Thank you for your reply.

            I just wanted to get it out of my thoughts. I’ve been team Washington for a long time and didn’t know what was going on. That all makes a lot of sense.

            I look forward to your next video on eBay you have to say and your next Twitter reading session.

      • jacob221

        But the audience pays the bills for the bitch that’s on stage though

        • Diesel Washington

          So you go to a Broadway show and Heckle the actors on stage?
          I think not….

          • jacob221

            if the play is awful I leave and get my money and don’t go back to see another play
            that’s the way the world works

          • Diesel Washington

            In this world,
            You pay for a scene and DONT get your money back. U merely cancel your subscription or u don’t renew…
            That is how THIS world works

          • R.A.M.J

            Thats why many people don’t pay for it.

          • WhimsyCotton

            We’re on a blog not a stage. A better analogy would be like if we paid for a Broadway show then bitched about the actors at the restaurant we ate at afterwards.

          • Diesel Washington

            That old saying “The Worlds a stage”
            applies here

          • R.A.M.J

            and you are being booed off the bitch, soooo

          • Diesel Washington

            That was a better analogy??
            At the restaurant we ate at afterwards??
            LOL Yeah okay..

          • R.A.M.J

            thats real acting though

      • Caleb Exhem

        LOL at the McDonald’s comment

      • Bradster

        Famous? You’re nothing but a fucking joke. Get your head out of your ass.

  • Todd

    Is poor RyRo afraid of being downgraded to the B team ? the minors ?? the JV ??? Awwwww, that would be so sad.


  • Marc Goldberg

    The Freelance Model in the Hot House avatar is Rex Cameron.


  • Trepakprince

    What a class act!

  • itsbritneybitch

    of all the things to be concerned about.

  • Surprised no one has mentioned another possibility, Sean Cody seems to be actively taking back many models from the 2010-12 roster. I KNOW Ryan has said he wouldn’t… but Sean Connery did a movie called “Never Say Never” and this is applicable to porn. 😉

    • sxg

      Considering the amount of time he bitches about G4P performers, doubt that will happen. And doubt SC would even want him back after this. Also the models they’re taking back haven’t done anything during their absence from SC, with the exception of Jess. But all he did was a solo outside of SC, not full duo scenes like RyRo.

  • jimboivyo


  • asby

    It’s all about HER HER HER!

  • Pascal

    So Naked Sword didn’t even retouch the nazi tattoos for the cover of mr Pam’s pageantry to Riefenstahl? Tasteful all the way I see.

  • C A

    Those aren’t Nazi tats.

    • Pascal

      WC, get out of that account!

  • nick

    If his “problems” we’re the only ones I had in my life I’d be fucking deliriously happy.

  • Zealot

    The Ballad of Ryan Rose
    (Sung to the tune “The Ballad of Jed Clampett: aka Theme from the Beverly Hillbillies”)

    Come and listen to a story ‘bout a man named “Rose”
    Pornographic actor knew the taste of his own toes
    Then one day he was tweetin’ up a storm
    And up from the net people wanted him to harm
    (Porn that is, hard core, Falcon-made)!

    Well the first thing you know old Ryan’s hit a nerve
    Calllin’ out his co-stars with a sense of righteous verve
    Said a Falcon set is the place he aught to be
    So he pulled out his phone and began to spill the “T”!
    (Truth that is, hard truth, salty pee)!

    Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Ryan’s porn career
    He’d like you folks to know these tweets have bit him in the rear
    You’re all invited here to see that he’s going bye-bye
    And eat a heapin’ helpin’ of his brand of humble pie!

  • OverKill
    • Dave

      Ah, but none of us know what Falcon has promised Ryan, from a PR standpoint. So you all are quick to judge information we do not have.

      • OverKill

        The best way for him to handle it is behind closed doors with the company not put it on blast and burn bridges, that’s just stupid. We can judge if we want to.

  • Dale Bergman
  • TK

    Diesel has involved himself now, this topic has jumped the shark

  • WebSlinger
  • kevin

    does this mean he’ll finally go away?

  • Denis-Adam Pompa

    Ryan Rose is not all that, he needs get over himself, there other guys that are hotter than him period.

  • McM.


    Though I think Ryan Rose had a point about the cover photo, from a marketing stance exclusives of the studio should be highlighted, but the rest of it was just a mess.

    I am staying TUNED IN for developments in this story. You know this is not the end!

  • Maximus

    So it is Brenner Bolton?! Nice! I got it right! I’m simultaneously proud of my logical reasoning skills and somewhat concerned about my ostensibly detailed knowledge of gay porn stars……


  • DPS
  • Magic Mike

    hes obviously so full of himself. honey, youre a porn star, Hes acting like hes Zach Efron or something. Get a grip Ryan!!!

  • GN

    Ego trip much?

  • ToxicBrew

    Someone is looking to be unemployed LOL

  • beariac
  • Pertinax

    All other performers are fresh meat. This is the real problem for him because no matter how in shape he is if other new ones happen to be promoted as novelties he as gorgeous as he still is will be seen like a ‘ last year commodity ‘. Porn is videoed prostitution and it should be better if he stay with the real thing : his Johns, instead with the ‘ display’ ( porn ), or try a new real job… This is a fight whith an ‘ old whore ‘ against new whores and the studios interested in new commodities. Porn performers are priced on their youth, on how attractive they are and the ‘ quantum ‘ of debauchery they agree to do. No other skill or talents are required and gorgeous promiscuous prostitutes keep coming no matter how low is the amount of money paid.

  • sanfv

    I’m okay with this right now. Why? He’s calling out Cameron Diggs, Vadim Black and in some way, Mr. Pam.

    • Scrapple

      But he’s not calling them out for ethical issues. It’s blatant narcissism.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Pardon me, but is Ryan Rose referring to someone being a cum dump as a negative thing? If so, has he forgotten that he was a cum dump himself on Sean Cody?

    • McM.

      His scene with Pavel was hot! I had to watch it again today.

      Don’t think I’ve seen Ryan Rose ride dick that eagerly since then.

      • CA

        Pavel is missed.

      • DaveAtom

        One of the hottest scenes in gay porn history. The internal was absolutely the best. And Pavel was the star. I miss him :(

  • DrunkEnough

    No one cares about your industry squabbles, boys. Go back to the gym and keep fucking each other.

  • Scrapple

    You’re going to come for someone doing bareback porn, when you were getting rawdicked on film left, right and sideways? You’re acting like your career is in jeopardy when you apparently have enough money to wipe your ass with hundies? Bitch you need to get your life, your mama’s life and your grandmama’s life.


  • Myko

    Wow delusions of grandeur.
    Who the fuck does he think he is ?

    RR hasn’t got the memo that he is OLD NEWS !

  • mtxb2010

    Regardless of the shape his body is in, Ryan Rose is repulsive… Outside, and most especially inside. His misshapen face and erratic behavior make me wonder about FAS or some other developmental issue… Repulsive regardless.

    • Eddie

      Please forward a picture of yourself preferrably a full body shot so that we might dissect it in our public forum and please include a completed personality profile so that we can compare yours against any porn stars that may be offensive to you

      • mtxb2010

        Ok Eddie, what’s your email?

  • I am sorry but the “cumdumps” scenes are far hotter than any boring scene Ryan Rose has done.

  • Oh my God….get the fuck over yourself.

    So far beyond his expiration date. Also…there is a ton of talent on amateur sites that perform better and look better. Give THEM a shot.

  • Jason

    Ryan, at least one of your scenes had a suitable title. you ARE infamous. And I guess a lot of people want to say “fuck you” to you.

  • Jason

    Ryan also knows that to have a porn career, he has to film scenes with other people, which promotes all of their careers. If he stuck to doing solos his career would be over quickly. I feel bad for the professional-acting performers who have to film with him and keep their mouths shut. PS Jacob is the hottest one in the Falcon header :0)

  • Parker Lewis

    Should I feel stupid because I’ve never heard of any of the above mention people before.

    • R.A.M.J

      count your blessings.

  • gaysiantwink

    who wouldn’t want to promote carter Dane tho…

  • Porn Star

    Studios do NOT care about models….Ryan, please use your popularity to create something bigger than the studio.

  • Bradster

    This loser is exhausting. He should just take his horse face back to the sewers already.

  • Badger

    Every time RR smiles he reminds me of Marion Davies.

    • Ivana420


  • Ivana420
  • Ivana420