Fans Seen Passing Out And Throwing Up At Taylor Swift Concert

Posted May 8, 2023 by with 2 comments

Surprisingly, they weren’t throwing up at the sound of her voice. Instead, it was due to “panic attacks,” as thousands of them were crammed together and sheltering in place during a rainstorm before the three-hour concert. Via NYPost:

Swarms of concertgoers who showed up to Nashville’s Nissan Stadium on Sunday for night three of the pop star’s Eras Tour were forced to shelter in place for close to four hours due to severe stormy weather.

An attendee tells Page Six exclusively that the restless crowd had to remain under covered areas of the otherwise outdoor stadium, including the various ramps and concessions.

The attendee says a few “lucky ones” wore ponchos but that even those who managed to keep somewhat dry were standing so closely together in such chaotic conditions that many people had panic attacks, got sick, threw up and passed out.



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