FBI: Polygamist Mormon Prophet Had Sex With His Underage Wives’ Father

Posted December 6, 2022 by with 5 comments

Only a group as sick and psychotic as the Mormons could be responsible for a headline as twisted and incomprehensible as the one above. Read more about this freak and his “wives” here, but here’s a summary via DailyBeast:

Samuel Bateman, a self-proclaimed “prophet” of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, had 20 wives, many of whom were under the age of 15, according to an FBI investigation. Bateman drank wine and had sex with a male follower, Moroni Johnson, in a motel room in Lincoln, Nebraska, in front of his underage wives, new court documents show, some of whom were Johnson’s own daughters. The FBI said the women and girls were required to stand naked and watch the “binding of brothers.”

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