Feds Question Male Sex Worker Who Was Victimized By Diddy

Posted May 29, 2024 by with 4 comments

A male sex worker has been questioned after video footage of him inside one of Diddy’s homes was seen by federal investigators, and he could end up testifying for the grand jury ahead of the expected indictment against Diddy for sex crimes. The male sex worker is another one of Diddy’s alleged sexual assault and/or sex trafficking victims, but he has obviously not been identified. Whether or not Diddy is a closeted homosexual or the sex worker was servicing one of Diddy’s gay friends is not clear. Via CNN:

Federal agents are in possession of video taken inside of Combs’ recently searched residences, a source said. It’s unclear whether the video was seized during the raids, or whether investigators obtained video from individuals they have been questioning.

“They are contacting people that they’ve found on the tapes,” a source told CNN.

At least one male sex worker, who claims he has been victimized by Combs, has been questioned during the investigation, one source said, adding that this individual was seen in footage that is in possession of the federal investigators.


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