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51583_12THE_WIZARD_OF_OZ-114-1good witch???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  • FieldMedic

    Glinda, you nasty bitch! ;D

  • Nice foreskin at least!

  • omg these photos are gorgeous! woohoo! Go FetishForce!

  • Iain Gardener

    Armond looks fantastic in these pics, and incidentally Zach, I am now imagining a gay porn version of the film, The Wizard of Ass anyone?

  • Dravon and Armond are both latin guys I like but the whole torture thing does nothing for me.

    On another note though I once however was at a guys apartment who was an engineer and he had a lightning machine that he showed us that made arcs of electricity in the room similar to what you see in the glass bulb they used, it was pretty cool and was during a house party that he did this.