FIGHT! Brent Corrigan And Trevor Knight Threaten Each Other On Twitter

Posted May 16, 2015 by with 46 comments

brent corrigan trevor knight

Last night/this morning, retired performer Trevor Knight and Brent Corrigan went at it on Twitter, and things got really ugly, really fast!

It all started when a fan asked Brent Corrigan something about a horse, and mentioned both Brent Everett and Trevor Knight.

brent1Brent Corrigan responded:


Then, Trevor Knight wanted to know where Brent Corrigan lived (maybe to send him flowers?):


brent4 Then Brent Corrigan called Trevor Knight dumb (and a dick):

brent5Trevor Knight has high expectations of Brent Corrigan:

brent6You’re excused, Trevor:

brent7 brent8 brent9 brent10Then, Brent Corrigan promised to keep his comments to himself:

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