FIGHT! Brent Corrigan And Trevor Knight Threaten Each Other On Twitter

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brent corrigan trevor knight

Last night/this morning, retired performer Trevor Knight and Brent Corrigan went at it on Twitter, and things got really ugly, really fast!

It all started when a fan asked Brent Corrigan something about a horse, and mentioned both Brent Everett and Trevor Knight.

brent1Brent Corrigan responded:


Then, Trevor Knight wanted to know where Brent Corrigan lived (maybe to send him flowers?):


brent4 Then Brent Corrigan called Trevor Knight dumb (and a dick):

brent5Trevor Knight has high expectations of Brent Corrigan:

brent6You’re excused, Trevor:

brent7 brent8 brent9 brent10Then, Brent Corrigan promised to keep his comments to himself:

neg1 neg2 neg3 neg4 neg5

  • McM.

    Idle threats.

    To end this fight, all Brent Corrigan has to do is tweet “GDIAF”, and Trevor Knight will take his boyfriend, pets, and whatever clothes will fit into a backpack and go into hiding.

  • Bee

    Fun Fact: Brent Corrigan’s spirit animal is Azaelia Banks

    • sxg

      And here I thought it was the viral loads coming out of the bottoms of TIM!

    • Bk3

      In her defense, I think Azaelia is a mess on twitter because she truly believes what she is saying and gives no fucks about expressing it in a very terrible manner. Brent is just a dramatic bitch because the earth is still turning and he needs the drama to sustain himself. I’m sure he’d attack a starving child on twitter if it got him attention…so those twinks at Helix better watch out.

    • Kandel

      See, I was thinking it was more Michelle Phan with her bullshit “Peace and Positivity” shitck.

  • pangelboy

    Thanks for the Twitter lesson(!). That’s some shady shit.

    Brent Corrigan + Twitter = a hot mess.

    • I had no idea about the Twitter handle placement either. lol

  • sxg

    Miss Corrigan is bored to tears and just looking to stir trouble. She recently went to your old place to defend the countless of ridiculous haircuts in today’s gay porn and mainstream media.

  • CBW

    I don’t know much about Trevor Knight but I honestly can’t help but laugh at Brenty any time he launches one of his pathetic little twitter raids. What a hypocritical little cooze.

  • n24rc
    • pangelboy

      It would pay to be a bald-headed prostitute. No hair for a peer to latch onto.

  • DrunkEnough

    To be fair, Trevor Knight can be kind of a hothead on Twitter. I remember the time he said people who got HIV earned it, or something like that, and for some reason he implied his day job as a nurse made him an expert. He deleted it after he realized it was pissing people off. He did not start this one, though. He is innocent here. Corrigan is always tweeting about horses or being a horse’s ass. Here, Knight’s just horse hung.

    • n24rc

      Considering that HIV comment, he seems like an absolute shit head.

      • kkdd1

        I have NEVER liked Trevor Knight and I NEVER will !!!

    • connor oborn

      knight cums off arrogant condescending and a bit stupid not knowing what he should know at his age i think porn guys get so sheltered and then there time is up and over and its out in the real world i would hope by now knight and i forgot his real name has figured all this out

  • Galleto

    Give that bitch a Xanax.

  • andrew

    Twitter seems to be a place where catty teen aged girls or guys acting like teen aged girls exchange insults.

    • n24rc

      I don’t know why Trevor has his old twitter and handle if he is retired. Sounds like Trevor is starved for attention like his little “actor” boyfriend. All of them need to go away.

      • Casey Scott

        Retired porn stars keep their social networking handles all the time. Once you establish friendships and connections with your fans, it’s not uncommon to maintain those ties even after you stop performing. Conner Habib actually included good reasoning for doing this in a recent blog posting:

        • n24rc

          His explanation is insufficient if you have over half of “fans,” or social media audience, join that social feed for dick pics alone. They will just move on to the newest person and or fad when that stops.

          Take Trevor’s social feed, he only has like 400 followers(lol), which before was three times as high because he was nude on there mostly. Now it is embarrassing because he has the same handle since he’s “matured” and became legally gay married (insert retching noise here). It’s kind of pathetic to have your social media to extend your fifteen minutes.

          SO I think your/Andre’s point is moot. And besides, if he wants to end porn based discrimination, wouldn’t your online porn persona perpetuate this cycle of discrimination?

          • JJ

            I don’t think he was referring to just the gay porn stars.

            This Casey Scott knows what he’s talking about : he is “friends” with many porn stars from the Golden Age of American Porn on Facebook. Many of the American Golden Age of Porn porn stars on Facebook use their nom du porn as their FB handle.

          • n24rc

            True. IF they are legends, but let’s face it, those are far and few between. Besides, doesn’t FB require legal names now? we’ll see how long this lasts.

          • JJ

            I thought I saw somewhere about FB requiring legal names. There are fake profiles of porn stars on Facebook. Those porn stars on Facebook are there as their porn….persona, as their public figure selves, I guess?

            There are a few porn stars who use their real name and have their porn name next to it in brackets. But for ex-porn star Seka it’s the other way round. She use her real name and has her porn name next to it in brackets.

  • kevin

    Didn’t Brent & David do a scene together in one of his Dirty Bird movies?

  • Alan

    Ah, Mr. Corrigan. Every time I start to forget why he irritates me, I can count on him to make the effort to remind me…

  • Todd

    Here’s hoping that Brent’s ‘pledge’ lasts longer than his mainstream career did.

  • WillG

    I feel it is incumbent upon me to provide context for Brent’s “My issue is, as integral members of this community…” tweet that tags Marc Dylan. It was the third tweet in a conversation that started thusly:

    After the screencapped tweet, it concluded:

    You’re welcome Zach!

  • n24rc

    “love and light…” lmao

  • n24rc

    If you read Trevor’s twitter feed, he sounds like an absolute pill, as well as seems to be bored by his own life. We’ll see how long this marriage of “maturity” will last.

  • Two Cents

    Zach, it is like I pulled that exchange between Brent and Marc at the right time. I knew he was frontin with Marc. He is almost sociopathic with the way he switches between “light and love” and youre a this or a that. Erik Rhodes called it about Brent and every time I see him in another twitter fight its like Erik’s words continue to come true.

  • BoomPow

    The hair pulling is exhausting. They both need to shut up and stick to what they’re best at. Put your mouths where you money is girls!

  • Denis-Adam Pompa

    Trevor may have been a jerk or not, but he did porn very well, hot and all, as for Brent he’s awful at porn, needs to find another job. There are so many porn actors so much more amazing than Brent- he’s awful !!!!

    • n24rc

      No, I think they both reflect a problem in gay culture. Entitled cunts who think their shit don’t stink because their “hot.” It never ends pretty, though.

  • Zealot

    This kind of thing would not happen if people had more fiber in their diets!

  • Jay

    Nasty exchange between two people acting very nasty. Let this be a lesson, don’t let someone get you all worked up to the point you’re arguing on social media over it. I mean at least meet a bitch somewhere and fight it out. Words are meaningless.

  • kkdd1

    Brent says that Trevor treats people like SHIT he say that the way you where / R sounds to me that there is bad blood between them and what ever it is Brent cannot let it go

  • DPS

    First pic: Brent showing his IQ. Then he tweets to confirm it.

  • Friskyfans Desslock

    Big deal. I’m a longtime fan of Brent Corrigan and Trevor Knight – and their personalities. Reading all this makes this seem like people just exploiting any opportunity to patronize both of them.

  • sxg

    I’m sure you’ve seen her latest tweets about you Zach but here is one that I found hilarious. Instead of trying to describe you, she just described herself in a nutshell:

    • Todd

      Just a thought ….. why doesn’t Brent just not READ the comments here ?

      • sxg

        She does I’m sure. She definitely reads the ones on other blogs. So it’s a safe bet she reads the ones here too.

  • kevin

    This ‘feud’ is all PR. Apparently some major producer (Chi Chi?) is going to make a feature out of Josman’s classic “My Wild and Raunchy Son” starring Trevor as the dad and Brent as the son. Trevor gets to piss-on and fist Brent! Should be totally hot!

    • n24rc

      Trevor and Brent are around the same age, it would be ridiculous to see that casting.

  • Diogenes Veritas

    never occurred to corrigan to just let it pass. for a person who seems to feel he is misunderstood and unfairly criticized, he goes out of his way to be pretty hateful more often than not.

  • Gendarme

    Slaaaap fiiiiight!

  • Kevin L. Scott

    WOW!!! Rent Corrigan is a big whiny titty baby

  • Q Redford

    the problem here is this new mantra of suppressing Freedom of Speech. I find Brent Corrigan’s comment about Trevor Knight to be spot on…he was a jerk to me on our first meeting and remained a jerk…then i thought its that Boston mentality i ran into while attending Harvard Law. its just an arrogance in Boston and even the uneducated in Boston found adopting this better-than-thou attitude will carry them far…Wrong. but back to freedom of speech its Brent’s opinion and he is damn well given the right to write his opinion…end of story