Max Ryder “Disgusted” By Leo Forte And mr. Pam

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maxpamleoMax Ryder has a bone to pick with Leo Forte and mr. Pam for whipping JD Phoenix at Hustlaball last week. As it happens, Max is not a fan of having blood squirted on him. Can’t say I blame him.

I respect Mr. Pam she’s such great energy, but after seeing what I saw that night it’s sad to say this, but I’m not sure her and I’s conflicting views on things could ever allow us to be friends, or even in the same room anymore. I’ve come to learn 2 things in this industry and that’s 1. Not everyone is going to like you, and 2. You’re not going to like everyone. Pretty simple. & I think I’ve managed a good 2 years keeping a pretty stable line of professionalism when it comes to my personal opinions as well as religious views.

But, where I am at now, is I don’t give fuck. When Mr. Pam cheerfully tied up JD Phoenix up on stage as if that kid was Jesus on the cross, an the fact that he was so willing for what was about to happen next, is just sick. I honestly just don’t see the relevance of being tied up in front of a white sheet, and whipped on your bare back until blood is literally squirting and spraying all over the place. This is not the  industry I signed up or not want to associate myself with. I’m ashamed and disgusted to be seen at the same event this went on. Who thought this was a good idea? Honestly, human torture in no way is a form of self expression or sexual desires. I saw people literally running to the bathroom to throw up, it was that bad.

The full post is on his blog. And, here’s a pic (more here), in case you forgot:

BeepPV-CAAAxS1m.jpg_largeWithin a few moments, Leo Forte responded on Twitter/Twitlonger:

your harsh lexicon compiled with your massive ignorance of the BDSM arts have offended me, so it is now on my lap to educate you and shatter the frail shell that contains your understanding. I dont expect someone who has been on earth a blink of an eye to understand the multivers that exists in our everyday world. In short darling this is not your world but I expect your ignorance not to eclipse your manners. […] further more if you don’t understand something I would expect you to ask instead of publicly defimating [sic] the character of mr. Pam. Willfully attacking her when it was I who did what I do. Your churlish antics are unforgivable. Ignorance is forgivable but what you have done is a direct attack. Child, manners take you further than removing all doubt of your naivety. I would appreciate of you didn’t take this lightly, what you have done is slander, and defamation of a very prominent industry member’s character- both very serious infractions.

Slander and defamation is probably a bit of a stretch, but I agree with Leo Forte that BDSM is a thing that a lot of people enjoy, and they have every right to practice it in front of a willing audience. On the other hand, I agree with Max Ryder. Objectively speaking, whipping someone until they squirt blood out into an unwilling audience is disgusting.

  • Cosmic

    Isn’t that considered a serious biohazard? Who goes to an awards event to get some porn stars blood splattered on them?!?

    • sxg

      It wasn’t an awards event, it was Hustlaball. Honestly that is somewhat tame compared to Hustlaballs outside the US. There are normally pissing and fisting exhibits at European Hustlaballs.

      • zach

        Tame? Pissing and fisting is a lot safer than squirting blood!

        • Cosmic

          Yeah at least with piss play the audience knows there’s a chance for potential splash back,it sounds like no one was even expecting this kind of demo to happen in the first place.

  • sxg

    If there was no warning that this was going to happen, then I can understand why Max Ryder was upset. But personally, I have a much greater chance at seeing Max Ryder in anything he’s in than a BDSM live show of this happening. He’s overplayed his overrated douchebaggy look, and his extremely thin body would probably do more harm in the image of what a gay porn star is supposed to look like than what Leo Forte and JD Phoenix does.

    • JoshChicago

      why attack his looks and image when you disagree with his point of view or expression of thought? Now, that’s offensive.

      • BigDean

        because Max Ryder is a douche-bag. He deserves it!

        • JoshChicago

          I suspect your “Dean” is rather small from that comment.

  • tom

    Max Ryder is 100% correct in expressing his opinion. He was upset by what he saw and said something. The response is more disturbing. At no point in Ryder’s statement did he personally attack anyone but the Mr Forte’s response is littered with ad hominem attacks. There is no reason for that behavior. Also, using legal accusations to bolster your argument is a sad excuse for defense.

    • Dutch Courage

      Hmm, not entirely sure about Max Ryder NOT personally attacking other than Mr. Forte:

      “I respect Mr. Pam she’s such great energy, but after seeing what I saw
      that night it’s sad to say this, but I’m not sure her and I’s
      conflicting views on things could ever allow us to be friends, or even
      in the same room anymore”

      “When Mr. Pam cheerfully tied up JD Phoenix up on stage as if that kid
      was Jesus on the cross, an [sic] the fact that he was so willing for what was
      about to happen next, is just sick.”

      Does this count as personally attacking Mr. Pam?

      My stance on this issue is: don’t do these kinds of acts in front of an unsuspecting audience. I’m deeply disturbed by the fact that there could have been blood flying around.

      • tom

        I’m sorry but no, it does not qualify as the same type of attack I mentioned. In the response Max was called a child a derided for starring his thoughts. My point was that the name calling was out of place. At no point in the original post did Max attack the individuals. I believe his words were well thought out and respectful.

        Honestly I agree with your opinion on the subject matter completely.

      • BigDean

        To Max & all these uninformed, judgmental commentators…


        – the ‘blood’ was fake, theatrical blood
        – Mr. Pam was not doing the whipping, she was standing by making sure everyone was safe
        – Leo Forte was the dom who was whipping JD, who is greatly educated and experienced in this type of play
        – JD had been tweeting about the show for days before the event
        – Mr. Pam did warn the audience on the mic that this show was going to be intense

        Oh fragile little whiny Max Ryder…. you are attending an event that promotes sex & prostitution, what did you expect?

        Do you expect a hand-holding and pamphlet before attending pro-sex events?

        • IAMSAM

          BIG DEAN – Here are some more facts

          – There was REAL blood. Look at the pics of the open wounds and blood floating around, you can clearly see it.
          – Mr Pam set up the show and was also filming it. As far as making sure everyone was safe, JD tweeted and posted on FaceBook that he had Cancer and was having surgery just a week before being flogged and cut open. Does not seem safe so soon after a surgery.

          JD Phoenix ‏@ItsJustMeJDDec 24
          Another disappointing news is that I have cancer. I’m going to have surgery on Jan. 10th. I hope everything turns…

          • BigDean

            Oh gimme a break!
            It was a single-tail whip, so of course there is going to be some abrasions but blood flying all over the room…? Anyone with a brain can see the bright red ‘blood’ is fake theater blood. The audience members in the front row could clearly see Leo Forte dipping his whip in a tray of liquid.
            The only thing they should have been concerned with is the fake-blood staining their fancy clothes – or slipping.

            JP post-poned his surgery. He was 100% ready for this show – both mentally and physically.

            Again… wait to post until you have the facts IAMSAM
            Were you there?

            then shut up

          • LFRockSTAR

            i like you!

          • BigDean

            I’m a huge fan.

          • BigDean

            Leo Forte is amazing! I hope to be whipped by him someday.

  • GN

    I agree with Max Ryder 110%–I understand that the gay community, generally speaking, has an ‘anything-goes’ attitude, but THAT is beyond appalling, on so many levels. Is THAT what we’ve sunk to? And PLEASE let’s not reduce this to a debate about whether or not being splashed with blood is better or worse than cum, shit, or piss…Let’s not get that ridiculous, people. Ugh..Im gonna go shower.

    • JoshChicago

      one or two or 100 people are not the sum of the whole community. Let’s please not overreact.

      • GN

        As usual, in any community, 1% or 2% do the deeds, and the other 98% either condone it, excuse it, mitigate it, enable it, act indifferent toward, or look the other way–Such as you just did.

        • JoshChicago

          Oh dear.

          • GN

            It’s only one or two people–Well, how many people does it take to splash blood all over an unsuspecting audience, for you to be outraged? 5? 10? Give me a number…I wasn’t even there and I am outraged by it.

          • JoshChicago

            Ok, here’s a number:

  • Bruce2Go

    I was there. It was a Fun and playful night. Seemed like the energy and mood was spot on. And then his happened on the main stage where all night there had been fun, playful, and sexy shows. It was odd to me because Mr. Pam was being her usual cheerful happy go lucky self as she was helping set up this part of the show and THEN this boy (JD) is all of a sudden being wiped to a bloody pulp. There were gaps from the audience, it effectively cleared the room. I left soon after and to say that this was a buzz kill is an understatement. It really was disturbing seeing that poor boy crying while blood dripped from his back. Just my POV from the peanut gallery.

    • dissi

      Sounds like there was nothing sexual or artistic going on. But at least they tried to do something interesting and challenging.

  • Estelle

    Bdsm arts? I was dragged to a g.g. Allin show not long before he died and went to Folsom. I think the pictures of kids with big googly eyes are more artistic then someone getting the shit beat out of them or someone getting pissed on.

    Also, since it think leo forte is watching too many Tyler perry madea movies.

  • Estelle

    A few other things I wondered about. Leo forte works with quite a bit the same that brenn wyson says didn’t notify his scene partner that he had hepatitis c. The same where a male performer cut his penis and bled into a female performers mouth and kink choose to continue with the scene. The same female performer also had the shit beat out her on one of their sets and posted a photo of her horribly bruised breast. This performer was diagnosed with HIV shortly after the cut penis incident.

    Leo forte says in his rentboy ad that he’s up for barebacking and jd Phoenix doesn’t state if he plays safe. I doubt the people watching knew these things but probably would have liked to have some warning just as they would probably would have liked to have known beforehand what they were going to

    • Dutch Courage

      To be fair: The male performer who cut his dick in that KINK scene was tested after it was found out that the female performer was tested HIV+: he came back negative.

      • JoshChicago

        heaven forbid we infuse the comment with fact!

        • Estelle

          Heaven forbid that performer safety takes precedence over money

      • OneOfTheManyChris

        The guy who punched her in the breast was not tested before the scene, and as far as I can tell he was not tested after the scene either.

  • Diesel Washington

    Love this story,

    I think both are right and should be explained…

    I agree with Max Ryder, that maybe the performance could have been a bit tamer. I have performed at Hustlaball Las Vegas, and alot of people dont know that U can’t show dick/asshole and even worse u can not even expose your pubic hair. The rules for the clubs are alot stricter than most states.. Moving on… I agree that Leo instead of whipping JD he could have Flogged(Double even) him and still got the effect that he is was looking for. A Las Vegas Hustlaball event is more for show, its lights/glam/sinful type of behavior. So some BDSM action…is a hit or miss. Max was expressing his feelings about the performance(which is his right) And I have to agree that this type of performance…While shocking…..I think it was a Miss on Leo’s part. Leo is very skilled with the Whip however.. Props to him..
    Me personally, I would have used Two Floggers on the boy and made a show out of it. There is a Aggressive way to use a Flogger, and also a more “Sensual” way of using a Flogger(Whip) for that matter..

    Now I have agree with Leo Forte, What people don’t know about these BDSM performances, while some people want to see the sucking and fucking part of it. If you don’t understand the World of “Players” sometimes when people see a performance like this, it’s “I dont get it, why does he let him whip him like that?” “Who finds that sexy?”..Various opinions.

    Being an experienced “Player” in BDSM, I see this “Act” being carried out by two people who are “Plugged into each other” The better way of saying it, performances like this show the Bond/Trust/Loyalty of two players of BDSM. While some in the crowd were reacting to seeing the blood. JD in his mind, is allowing the world to see his form of expression..some “Players” see pain as almost a joyful release, like having an orgasm. If this performance was during a Folsom Fair, the crowd would be clapping at the fact that the boy was able to get that “Release”, and be amazed at the skills of the Top in the situation. And more importantly showing the connection between “Master” and “Slave” The Master for pushing the limits of the boy, and the boy showing his trust of his Master. Hard to explain it, think of more Role playing action…

    Lastly not sure why Max singled out Mr Pam?? She wasnt the one whipping.

    Anyway Leo will be alright..

    I remember one year at Hustlaball Las Vegas 2007 I did a watersport show and peed on two models and then into the crowd. People were shocked/annoyed and I was banned one year cause producers were nervous from the year before

    Live and Learn…..

    Now lets all get along…(Did I just say that?)

    • GN

      Splashing blood on audience members who did not volunteer for it, is not BDSM, it is an outright assault…..

      • JoshChicago


        • LFRockSTAR


    • Cody

      I agree with your statements. My only objection is the fact that blood was drawn in such a way that spatter entered the audience. While it is understandable that there may have been fake blood, there was certainly real blood in some quantity as well. Leo should have taken more care to avoid breaking skin or should have had spatter protection to ensure blood didn’t enter the audience.

  • shidinja .

    Poor JD. It seems between magically changing into a straight man post Sean Cody, to being saved by mr. Pam after he turned gay again to partaking in Passion of the Christ recreations he really just needs to get in contact with a therapist. I also find it interesting that Leo’s response didn’t actually contain any education on the BDSM “arts” just walls of ad hominem.

    • Vinny V.

      Tell me more about this straight man thing because I heard someone else mention it but I can find it anywhere. And passion of the christ plays? Lol. I think I’ve lost my boner for him indefinately now.

      • shidinja .

        It was on the MenofPorn blog about a year ago. Shortly after his Sean Cody film.

  • Vinny V.

    It’s attention. Period. JD said himself “Good or bad it’s publicity. It’s good to be talked about.” Hookers gotta advertise some kind of way I guess. Lol. But I wish people would not feed into it and then maybe the people who want to retire will actually go away for good and make room for performers who are actually good! And….didn’t he retire? And I thought Leo Forte left to pursue a career in drag?

  • Christopher Daniels

    Twas I who thought it would be a good idea… it was also I who provided the FAKE blood and white linen. I’ve lived in Vegas for 8 years now and I have to say it is one of the most sterile and NON sexual cities I’ve been in. When presented with HBLV I knew it would be hard to put on a show that involved live “sex” performances but no sex. Hell… we’re not even allowed to show butthole in sin city. Yea, it sucks.

    I personally wanted Leo to be apart of HBLV because he is a performer, artist, pornstar and an all around great guy to work with. I’ll be the first to say some of his stuff (alot of his stuff) may not be everyones “thing” but thats what Hustlaball is all about. Its about pushing the envelope, showcasing forms of sexual expression many have not seen and a celebration of sex workers, club kids, tranny’s, freaks and geeks etc. Everyone who took part in this weekend brought something different to the table (including you) and this weekend would not have been a success without everyone who participated.

    I didn’t come into the industry until I was about 29 years old and I have to say if I was 21-27 and I walked into a club and saw what Leo was doing I might have been a bit freaked out and maybe slightly disgusted. I think this has to do more with me than him and probably has something to do with my own issues of guilt and shame I was brought up concerning sex and ignorance. I’m not saying you are the same and thats how you feel but I think it’s important to ask yourself why you had such a strong reaction to what you saw.

    I believe we are all at different places with our sexuality and how we express ourselves. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong… it is what it is. Some may look at what you do (gay porn with gorgeous men) as vile and disgusting. thats unfortunate because I believe what you do is great work but we have to accept that that is just where some people may be at and that will never change.

    I really encourage you NOT to dismiss other peoples forms of sexual expression. Instead seek to educate yourself and maybe learn something about what people are doing before dismissing it.

    I watched almost the entire demo on Sunday and I was moved to tears. Yea that sounds a bit ridiculous but something was going on on that stage and to me it was beautiful. For some reason this is how some people (JD, Leo and Pam) choose to express themselves and I may not totally get it but I saw some real, raw human emotion and it stirred up something in me.

    There are many things I don’t get or cannot get into… blood, scat, furries, sex with a gay republican and so on. I don’t dismiss people who do those things, instead I just let them do their thing and accept the fact that it is not for me.

    As long as nobody is getting hurt or forced to do something against their will then I really don’t have an issue with it.

    Also, Mr Pam and Leo are not only great performers and directors they are also sex educators. Rather than shut them out and say you don’t even want to be in the same room with them I wish you could have reached out to them and expressed how you feel and maybe asked what the fuck was that all crazy shit about. I know both of them and they would have been more than happy to try to explain what they were doing and why they do it.

    I think its important (especially with the state of the industry) that we try to stick together in this crazy, fucked up and amazing world of smut. To each their own and lets just focus on trying to understand eachother.

    Oh yea… and to everyone who keeps thinking it was real blood… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? I was the stage manager for the show and I am here to tell you it was NOT real. It was fake blood used for movies and theatre. Do you really think that Share nightclub would ban jockstraps and live sex but human blood flying everywhere was ok? Get a fucking clue people.

    • Euphoria

      At last the voice of reason. – thankyou. I think this picture from NY is too beautiful for words and says it all.

      • James

        Until he moves and you see the open lacerations.

        • shidinja .

          This just in: “Simulated” torture is art. Violence is beautiful. I suggest punching porn be “recreated” live and they hire the Walking Dead makeup team to recreate the “broken noses” and “knocked out teeth” that we might see flying around.

    • JoshChicago

      Thank-you for easing the minds of (some) hysterical and hyperactive heckle & Jeckels; some of whom were not even there and some of whom had never even heard of this type of connection between two human beings before – but were willing and needing to jump on the judgement band-wagon anyway. If you’re guilty of anything, it’s probably not announcing to the audience what they were about to witness; because as you are probably well aware, Hustlaball has always been associated with clean and vanilla family fare activities. 😉

      • Christopher Daniels

        I do agree with you to an extent. I could have possibly said something but then I think it would have taken something away from the performance. Also, if you were anywhere near the stage you could have seen Leo was dipping the whip in a paint tray….

        Maybe some of you should take a trip over to Berlin and see what they do for their Hustlball. Ours was pretty tame in comparison.

        • JoshChicago

          That’s what I meant, hence my sarcastic last sentence. :-)

    • Estelle

      You actually teared up over two queens playing dress up? Good lord. Believe or not some people’s desire not to see an odd dog and pony show has nothing to do with shame or sexual issues.

      • LFRockSTAR

        I was the only queen up there thank you very much

    • Bruce2Go

      Chris Thank you for commenting. I was a guest at your event and I had a great time. However, please know I did not think it was fake blood at the time of viewing show. Not until your post here. It looked and FELT very real. The issue here is you created a show that moved from a “educational” Demo/Demostration, and/or a celebration of ” sexual expression” to something that felt violent. I think its fair that many people DO NOT find the letting or sharing of blood to be an acceptable form or “Sexual Expression” REAL or FAKE. Blood is a living gift and when it is shed it is usually a violent act not a sexual one.

      Many of the people I spoke too after were confused, upset, and disgusted. This presentation did not feel at all educational It felt sensational. It felt like you were trying to shock us. In fact, Leo has confirmed this on his twitter. “@Zoodlemouse13 because every show you go to.. the entertainment tells you what they will be doing..#really #comeonnow its shock value. FYI I used fake blood to make it visually more powerful.”

      This was a show! This was shock value. Since that us how Leo and Pam (who was video taping it) view it I think its fair, like all entertainment, it can be dismissed, critizied, and judged. You can’t say this is “educational” when in fact the talent’s goal was to create “Shock value”. You cant have it both ways.

      Please stop trying to minimalize the reaction of others by saying “Oh yea… and to everyone who keeps thinking it was real blood… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???” That only shows you don’t understand why people are upset. My understanding now is Jd, Pam, and Leo have done this before, without the fake blood, with no issue. so I think its fair to say that the use and representation of blood squirting and flowing off the back of a gay porn star was not the best choice for a SexEd Demo OR Live Stage Sex show.

      • James

        It wasn’t fake…they are trying to say that now to avoid lawsuits. If you look at the picture or saw his back afterward it was open wounds and real blood.

        • JoshChicago

          perhaps your life is an open wound which has not yet healed?

        • BigDean


    • Vinny V.

      Well there goes my boner for Christopher Daniels. I hate it when a porn actor I really like opens his mouth. Lol. Other than for…you know.

    • James

      Bullshit. That wasn’t fake blood.

      • JoshChicago

        so you’re a vampire. Good for you. But shouldn’t you be sleeping now because of the real blood instead of posting on a gay porn blog as though it wasn’t?

      • Dean

        I’m not fooled either.


      • BigDean

        Really…?!??! announce “be careful everyone, close your tender eyes and by the way, the blood is fake!”

        “And have no fear – Trenton Ducati is just wearing a horse mask – he’s really not a horse!”

        “And don’t be scared – Adam Russo is really not a piglet, he’s just wearing a pig-snout!”

        Gimme a break! Its not Kindergarten class… its Hustlaball!

    • BigDean

      I love Christopher Daniels!

  • Francois Caron

    Slaves in the old antique rome would be so offended to see that! They were persecuted and in 2014, whipping til blood is squirting is supposed to be a BDSM art! Come on! Where are we now as society to accept that? What will be consided as bdsm next year? Having live lapidation?

  • robirob

    Sex and pleasure can be so many things. And in porn there are so many niche markets for pretty much every sexual desire.

    I come from a place (of mind) where I don’t judge others and their pleasures or vices because I sure don’t want to be judged for my pleasures or vices.

  • LFRockSTAR

    I think you are all jumping on a wagon of very uninformed people. The blood was stage blood. Since when is blood so red that it can be seen across the room. It was done with purpose to get a rise from the audience. I think that is what people are having the most difficulty with. Yes JD was bruised up and in some parts cut up – especially since it’s a whipping scene. However the idea was that he was being painted on in a Pollock style – hence the white sheet. Every few movements the whips were dipped in a tray of stage blood and water. This scene has been played out before in several scenarios across several stages without any complaints what so ever. For those who say that the audience didn’t know what was going on – uninformed.. JD had been posting all over social media for weeks what was going to be done on the Hustlaball stage. The event had several stages to look at while it was going on; had you not wanted to look you could have easily moved on. No one moved. Performance art is to shock and awe the world and in this case it’s succeeded a thousand fold. There was nothing sexual about it and I think that’s another issue people can’t get over… it was a purely transcending experience for the two players. It was a scene for the two involved; the history behind it is very long and in depth. They chose to share it for the world to see with an added stage value to it. Who knew it would be so successful in reaching so many many people. Perhaps had someone bothered to check the facts before condemning someone; it would have been more clear. As it is… everyone just wants to belong to a good old fashioned witch hunt. So if it makes you feel better to scream “BURN the WITCH” do so. Cause no one else is losing sleep over it but you. JD is perfectly fine and happy. Nothing else matters. The shell of people’s understanding has been shattered… i say good! Let them know that the world is so much larger than what’s in front of your own two eyes.

    • James

      You speak of ignorance and stink of arrogance. You made a piss poor choice and offended many people. Now you are lying instead of being honest. Yeah…you are what Max and others should aspire to be.

      • LFRockSTAR

        blah blah blah 😉

      • BigDean

        James – go suck it! Why would Leo lie? It was an amazing performance & got people talking. Hustlaball is about “over the top” and that’s exactly what Leo is!

    • You sound super foul and jealous. If the show was fake perhaps you should have gotten on a fucking microphone and announced to the whole attendees it was! Even if said show was twitter advertised, to the masses I don’t think anyone wanted the BDSM show, it wasn’t the venue and the comments you are getting back proves such.

    • Luca

      Shocking and making art are not necessarily the same thing. Also, getting attention and making art are not related. Sorry you think the opposite.

      Besides, you commented at least twice – in the first reply and here – on Max Ryder’s ignorance of BDSM – but here you write you are making art, not BDSM, as you said here multiple times. So what are you talking about saying to other people they’re ignorant?!

    • IAMSAM

      Leo – I think you need to get a grip. Blood REAL or FAKE is associated with viloent acts not sexual acts. Most porn companies will not show certain content blood, rape, underage. So quit trying to pas this off as some kind of performance art or sex ed class. Also in regard to safetyDid JD have a cancer operation a week before your flogging show?

      JD Phoenix ‏@ItsJustMeJDDec 24
      Another disappointing news is that I have cancer. I’m going to have surgery on Jan. 10th. I hope everything turns…

      • JoshChicago

        Blood is also associated with menstrual periods which are non sexual and non violent. Please get over yours.

    • geez

      Good Lord settle down honey. Why are you writing novellas? You’re not getting Oscar noms, you’re not a nobel prize laureate. You’re a hustler/sex worker. And we get it. You guys are getting those 15 minutes you so desperately crave, and good for you. Hopefully it boosts your sales AND your self esteem. But noone is really interested in all this nonsense you’re talking. You guys are ACTORS. Everything you do is an act. It’s all fake BS anyway. Now just smile & try to focus on sucking the D well for the camera. Everything else is irrelevant really.

  • ThisCharming Man

    Oh stop being such a pussy. Two years in the industry hardly qualifies you as an authority on porn or BDSM. If you were as well versed in the industry as you purport you wouldn’t be A) Shocked or B) Be so naive to its connection with the sex industry and sexual expression. You’re an idiot who is burning more bridges than you realize, hope your career didn’t need a boost junior, the next nail is the one in your career coffin.

  • GN

    If you were sitting in a restaurant, minding your own business, eating your dinner, and a total stranger came up to your table and, without warning, ejaculated into your open mouth, is that acceptable? After all, we eat cum in the privacy of our own bedrooms when we are horny!
    That is why this is fucked up–The audience was not told, they did not go there to be covered in blood, and I dare say that most people do not want a stranger’s blood all over them.

    • JoshChicago

      OMG. dead again without my first cremation ever taking place.

  • Cody

    As a practitioner of BDSM activities I have a few comments based on what I can see here…

    First, that this type of activity isn’t necessarily the most regular every day type of S/M activity but is none the less an activity that people participate in. There is nothing wrong with as long as all parties are consenting.

    Second, both people involved in this scene are experienced. However the Dom’s experience does not show through. There are certain areas which are okay to hit and there are clearly many hits outside of that area. A good single-tale Dom will be able to control their hits and draw blood if they want to or just tap the skin and redden it without drawing blood.

    Third, from the view of the sheet it appears that there was blood involved and at that a decent amount of it. If there was spatter on the sheet then there was also spatter elsewhere; particularly in the direction of the audience. From what I can see here, there isn’t any barrier or other precautions protecting the audience from any spatter.

    While this type of activity is totally acceptable under controller circumstances, in this instance where blood spatter was not accounted for, my professional opinion is that it was done improperly. Had there been control of the spatter or a barrier of some kind between the scene and the audience, it would have been acceptable. But given the lack of barrier, direction control, or ample distance to prevent spatter, the Dom shouldn’t have broken skin.

    It was suggested that there was fake blood but from the images and what people who were there said, there was certainly real blood as well. Because of this there should have been added safety precautions to prevent spatter of biohazard materials.

    • LFRockSTAR

      1. JD marks up very well – which i love!

      2. I did exactly what I was intent on doing – when you have a pain sub like JD you don’t waste it.

      3.Using several whips and floggers give off different marks – and of all the places he was whipped I only regret 1 wrap around; the rest were just fine and in good locations

      4. It’s supposed to look like there is blood on the sheet – that’s the whole point of the
      performance: which is why i was using stage blood to tighten the visual effects

      5. My skills are very well honed and i would appreciate it if you didn’t challenge them not knowing me or having been there for that matter.

      6. This is edge play and i’m perfectly fine with what happened – we three in persecution have nothing but love and adoration for each other; although hurting each other feels barbaric to the unwashed masses it’s done with the deepest of compassion and love

      I get that this is freaking people out – but it’s mostly to do with not knowing what really happened; and not understanding just how powerful a scene this is
      If there was blood it’s no more than scrapping your knee – I swear people just want their sound bites
      I’m here to shock and awe not bore you to death with what you have seen before
      So few people take as much pride in to what they do as I do
      As a true partitioner of BDSM – i would think you to be more supportive of it – so there was no plastic box surrounding people across a stage from me – they’ve been living in one for far too long anyway

      • Dean

        Nobody wants you splashing JD’s nasty blood on them. Gross, get out of here.

    • BigDean

      There was a tray filled with red liquid at the edge of the stage. Leo was stopping often and letting the tip of his whip soak in the red liquid. If they did get any drops on them, it was before the whip hit JD – not after.
      Anyone who was close enough to get sprayed – was also close enough to see that he was dipping his whip.


      The audience’s biggest complaint should be their dry-cleaning bill!

  • Elemental Eclipse

    Wow, its funny for me to hear how unwilling to understand and how unknowledgeable about a subject people can be! seriously to the people that don’t understand BDSM, it may be hard for you to understand that BDSM is not only an art, but a connection between two people. so, here goes my input.

    Get over yourselves. If this offended you because it has nothing to do with you. Leo decided to connect with a boy, a beautiful thing especially because he chose to do it in a manner which most muggles don’t understand. Not all of us fall in love with white picket fences and vanilla sex with marriage forever. Some of us choose things like fist up our asses and deep emotional connection that can only be achieved by pushing your mental and emotional boundaries beyond what conventional america thinks. It’s called cathartic release and emotional connection and adrenaline and endorphines. In a conventional manner that predates using drugs to get that effect. So please, breathe little haters! Stop with your opinions from oppression and missunderstanding. this will continue to happen. for many MANY years to come and really there is nothing you can do about it..

    To the blood thing. LORD if you wanna throw up throw up. You get more dead skin cells in your face from itching. Throwing these fucking words around like Barebacking and HIV and Hep C shouldn’t be thrown lightly people. Did you know when HIV hits air it dies IMMEDIATELY. Did you know theres such a thing as undetectable and that being HIV+ is different from AIDS? Did you know theres things you can do to educate yourself on BDSM and STI’s? May I ad its no longer STD incase you didn’t know that as well. There are a lot of people that don’t talk about it but are positive; there are a lot of people that don’t get tested; there are a lot of people who say they are negative but truly don’t know any of their status because their level of self care is piss poor. Then there are people who throw words around like HIV and accusations of this and that when in reality we all know humans are humans and everyone has made a choice or two to not wear a condom sometime in their life. I bet even bare-backers, you know, they might have worn a condom once or twice before!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAH! Shocking right! Just think before you speak.

    Get Right, Get Ahead, And get Educated before making the wrong assumption and looking like an ass.

    No no-one’s going to get sued because there is no grounds for that, the blood was fake because we talked about it before he even left. its called a performance for a reason. and I Leave you with this!


    • Estelle

      I don’ think you have to pop a rosebud out of your asshole and the possibility of having to wear adult diapers by the time you are in your 30’s to have an emotional connection with someone. An audience doesn’t know that the blood is fake, nor did they know what they were about to watch.
      At least at a Gallagher show you know what you are getting into and given the proper protective gear.

      • Elemental Eclipse

        eh for some people you do. have you ever witnessed that? or my fav, the chubs and chasers group

      • JoshChicago

        GALLAGHER! ROTFLMAO! If you want Gallagher you don’t go to Hustlaball! OMG! I’m officially dead now.

    • Dan Hipp

      Very well worded Element..
      Might I add to your explanation that BDSM in an open environment is CONSENTUAL, meaning that the sub knew what was going to happen and his Dom was well aware the entire time of his sub’s mind space. Seeing this as a posting and not being present for the original experience, I will also add this bit. MOST BDSM engaging individuals know their HIV status, know their partner’s, and know how to prevent STD transmission and take the time to educate themselves on the acts and risks of their actions PRIOR to doing a PUBLIC demonstration. I wish I was there. And if I had been hit with the fluids (regardless of color or type) I would have simply wiped it off, waited until the end of the performance, and if it was not explained tome that it was in fact fake fluids, I would have asked politely for an explanation from someone in the room in charge if I was so concerned about it.
      Very nicely worded Element and to Christopher Daniels as well.
      Keep bringing us the Kink we go out to see!

  • Cosmic

    Wait so people who aren’t into getting fisted,barebacked or whipped bloody as part of their sex play are “Muggles” now? Has JK Rowling been informed of this?LOL

    • Elemental Eclipse

      hahahaha! much love to this!

  • Estelle

    Leo did you finger yourself and jerkoff while watching 12 Years A Slave?

    A great idea for bdsm porn! This Ain’t JonBenet Ramsey An XXX porn parody. Christopher Daniels as jonbenet, mr. Pam and leo forte as john and patsy Ramsey and jd Phoenix as Burke. Special guest appearance by josh west as Santa Claus!

  • Marko

    Well pass the smelling salts – who knew Max Ryder was so precious and delicate? If he really thinks consensual BDSM is “human torture” then he needs to get out more. Calling people “sick” and disgusting because you can’t relate to their form of sexual expression is something bigots do. It baffles me that someone with as much experience in the sex industry as he has could be so narrow-minded and judgemental.

  • geez

    Lord gay porn is really going down the tubes. I really miss the days when we knew nothing about these guys other than how they performed on camera. Now every time they tweet/blog/vine/exclaim/post/bitch/respond/cry for attention, they become less and less appealing. Makes it impossible to rub one out to your scenes guys. Queening out on folks is not sexy! Mystery & anonymity make you sexier.

  • Jeff Bosco

    Who’s Max Ryder?

  • Persa Verance

    I respect the performers involved and trust that they were perfectly professional in their prepping and performance of the scene. BUT, I don’t think folks are really listening with empathy or compassion to what Max Ryder wrote and the spirit with which he wrote it.

    Folks seem to be so busy defending their various points of view or arguing over the nature of BDSM and whether or not there was fake blood they are ignoring the central issue of Max Ryder’s post: Consent of the guests in the room to participate in the scene as viewers/spectators/audience members.

    I have never attended a BDSM club or event and I wouldn’t because I know I couldn’t handle it emotionally and many perfectly open-minded nonjudgmental people fell the same way. I have been at party where a sudden flogging scene began at a party and it was not ok. It did not show care for the other folks at the party and it was not respectful.

    You don’t have to be a “delicate flower” or anti-BDSM to not be comfortable watching folks participate in BDSM activities. Respect is a two-way street. I respect folks’ right to do whatever they want with their bodies as long as they are happy and it is what they want and THEY should respect my right not to have to participate if I don’t want to and that also included watching.

    That is just fundamental, it’s not radical or anti-sex. It can be VERY shocking to see a BDSM scene if you are unfamiliar or not expecting it. You don’t know what someone has been through or where they are in their head. It is not the same as just two people having sex and we are all grown folks here so we know that. We know the difference.

    I am not saying that Max couldn’t have chosen his words more carefully but he was responding to how he FELT when the scene started happening and he wasn’t aware of it ahead of time and wasn’t mentally prepared to be part of it.

    Watching, voyeurism, being a spectator is part of that kind of scene and I think simply announcing to folks that there was about to be a scene and giving them time to DECIDE if they wanted to be there for it or not would have been a much more respectful way to approach this.

    While there are a lot of emotional reactions involved, I think the real issue here is about consent and respect for the audience/viewers/guests at the event.

    I don’t think one should have to be fully educated on the history of BDSM in order to say “Sorry, I can’t handle that and would prefer not to participate as a viewer”.

    As a community, I would expect folks who work in this industry to be less condescending AND less judgmental. It’s a shame that people seem more concerned with proving they are right than considering how everyone involved might have felt or experience the situation.

    I don’t really think this issue is about the specific scene at all, I think it’s about not giving spectators the chance to opt out and not considering that not everyone at a particular event swings the same way.

    My experience with people in the industry and in the LSM world has always led me to believe that consent, respect and not inadvertently triggering folks in close proximity was super important when performing this kind of scene (in addition to consent and respect regarding the actual performers)

    It felt to me that the crux of the issue is that Max Ryder and some other guests felt their power to consent or not was taken away (seemingly inadvertantly )and it was shocking to them

  • JoePorn

    Hmm what to say, on some level I agree with Max though I am not so oblivious to the overall happenings in our greater community. Leo’s outfit in the pic with Pam is more Halloween then Hustlaball. Honestly Max is far more relevant in the ‘porn’ world and if Leo is ‘prominent’ in the industry I am horse hung (I’m not)

  • Eric8

    What the hell is the part-time ? drag queen talking about with the “infraction” bullshit? People have a right to their opinion, and this looks pretty damn gross. If people want their entertainment presented to them by a fat cow and her sidekick pretending to be a Dom, at least warn others about the blood splatter.

  • AmanYoudontknow

    I think this Max has no respect for what other people loves , he thinks he is the Mega Queen of Cockyboys/Jake Jaxson’s favorite so he can say shet to anyone he wants just because he doesn’t appreciate the same thing as them. What a self centered average-looking twink , Max is the spoiled dude btw. Poor JD , he’s got the “Disgusting” word from his immature fellow Cockyboys who has the same age as him tho. But JD is so strong and beautiful to me and I love his porn scenes (and gigs with Leo Forte) , so incredibly intense and sexy. but JD please let the fans know about your health updates on twitter/fb too babe. Fighting!

  • JoshChicago

    Perhaps what some of us missed while we were debating the real/fake blood issues regarding this event and performance – was someone in pain and need who we believed was an emotionally healthy consenting adult. Perhaps we were wrong about that. :-(

  • mtxb2010

    I think it’s fuckin’ cool… and a bit hot

  • Mark-E-Mark

    WHY did we all have to witness this?? Ph wait, TWITTER where only the cowardly gp to start wars with one another. Grow up both of you.