Max Ryder “Disgusted” By Leo Forte And mr. Pam

Posted January 25, 2014 by with 93 comments

maxpamleoMax Ryder has a bone to pick with Leo Forte and mr. Pam for whipping JD Phoenix at Hustlaball last week. As it happens, Max is not a fan of having blood squirted on him. Can’t say I blame him.

I respect Mr. Pam she’s such great energy, but after seeing what I saw that night it’s sad to say this, but I’m not sure her and I’s conflicting views on things could ever allow us to be friends, or even in the same room anymore. I’ve come to learn 2 things in this industry and that’s 1. Not everyone is going to like you, and 2. You’re not going to like everyone. Pretty simple. & I think I’ve managed a good 2 years keeping a pretty stable line of professionalism when it comes to my personal opinions as well as religious views.

But, where I am at now, is I don’t give fuck. When Mr. Pam cheerfully tied up JD Phoenix up on stage as if that kid was Jesus on the cross, an the fact that he was so willing for what was about to happen next, is just sick. I honestly just don’t see the relevance of being tied up in front of a white sheet, and whipped on your bare back until blood is literally squirting and spraying all over the place. This is not the  industry I signed up or not want to associate myself with. I’m ashamed and disgusted to be seen at the same event this went on. Who thought this was a good idea? Honestly, human torture in no way is a form of self expression or sexual desires. I saw people literally running to the bathroom to throw up, it was that bad.

The full post is on his blog. And, here’s a pic (more here), in case you forgot:

BeepPV-CAAAxS1m.jpg_largeWithin a few moments, Leo Forte responded on Twitter/Twitlonger:

your harsh lexicon compiled with your massive ignorance of the BDSM arts have offended me, so it is now on my lap to educate you and shatter the frail shell that contains your understanding. I dont expect someone who has been on earth a blink of an eye to understand the multivers that exists in our everyday world. In short darling this is not your world but I expect your ignorance not to eclipse your manners. […] further more if you don’t understand something I would expect you to ask instead of publicly defimating [sic] the character of mr. Pam. Willfully attacking her when it was I who did what I do. Your churlish antics are unforgivable. Ignorance is forgivable but what you have done is a direct attack. Child, manners take you further than removing all doubt of your naivety. I would appreciate of you didn’t take this lightly, what you have done is slander, and defamation of a very prominent industry member’s character- both very serious infractions.

Slander and defamation is probably a bit of a stretch, but I agree with Leo Forte that BDSM is a thing that a lot of people enjoy, and they have every right to practice it in front of a willing audience. On the other hand, I agree with Max Ryder. Objectively speaking, whipping someone until they squirt blood out into an unwilling audience is disgusting.