Flash Mob Robs Long Beach Home Depot, Stealing $5,000 In Power Tools

Posted September 2, 2023 by with 4 comments

Where’s Jeff Stryker to lay down the law when you need him?! Then again, Stryker was jailed in 1986’s Powertool, while all of these Home Depot thieves got away. Via LB Post:

A Long Beach-area store was the latest location to be struck by a flash mob robbery, in which a group of thieves enter a business, grab whatever valuable items they can carry and simply walk out with them.

[Video] shows about a half dozen people, mostly wearing black or gray hoodies and some with dark face masks, loading boxes that appear to be red Milwaukee brand power tools into carts or their arms and leaving the store; two employees in orange aprons can be seen standing nearby, seemingly not sure how to respond.

Signal Hill Police Department Lt. Kelli Crigler confirmed via email on Monday that officers were dispatched to the store around 6:03 p.m. Sunday and took a report of a robbery that involved “approximately seven unknown males, who stole approximately $5,000 worth of power tools.”

[LB Post]

I used to go to this Home Depot when I lived in Long Beach, and like all the retail outlets where these robberies are happening, it’s in a relatively nice neighborhood surrounded by single family homes and other chain stores. Video:

Like with all the viral flash mob robbery videos, it’s so frustrating to see people holding their phones and just standing around watching a crime being committed. You’re in a Home Depot, for pete’s sake—pick up a hammer and beat these thugs down! Grab a hack saw and slit their throats! Run them over with a forklift! At the very least, get some rope and tie them all up while waiting for police to arrive. Do something, please.

Also, I finally realized what the flash mob robberies remind me of: