Florida Judge: Gay Men’s Nude Resort Can’t Block Female Guests

Posted July 8, 2023 by with 19 comments

Get ready to hang out with some women the next time you want to go to an all-male nude resort in Florida. The times are changing, and it probably started about 20 years ago with all those bridal showers full of drunk women going to drag shows in gay bars. Now, women will be whooping it up at gay hotels for naked men (sounds like a dream come true for Men.com), because gay men aren’t really allowed to be alone with other gay men anymore. Everyone needs to be included. Sorry. Via MetroWeekly:

A Florida judge ruled that a “clothing-optional” resort catering to gay men in Key West should not be allowed to restrict women from staying there or accessing the areas of the resort where guests typically disrobe.

In an order issued on June 30, Administrative Law Judge Brittany Finkbeiner recommended that the Florida Commission on Human Relations should find that the Island House “engaged in unlawful discrimination” when it prohibited Amina Chaudhry from making a reservation in July 2022.

Chaudhry, a 38-year-old cisgender woman who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community, previously filed a complaint with the commission alleging that the resort’s policies discriminate against cisgender women and transgender and nonbinary people. The Island House’s policy requires guests to be “adult males 18 years of age or over only.”


So, is the woman who sued actually going to go to the hotel now? I’m sure she’ll be welcomed with open (naked) arms. Maybe while she’s out sunbathing by the pool, all the gay men having orgies can ejaculate on her.

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