Florida Man Arrested For Making Nude Video Phone Calls To Strangers

Posted April 28, 2022 by with 6 comments

If you’re a deranged pervert, I guess you’re not smart enough or sane enough to understand that video phone calls are easily traceable, and you’re going to be caught. Welcome to prank phone calls in 2022. Jesus:

An Englewood man was arrested Monday for sending a series of obscene video calls to unsuspecting strangers. Detectives received three reports from victims in mid-February who said they received video calls from an unknown naked man who was making lewd gestures on camera.

After an investigation, detectives learned the calls came from two different phone numbers associated with Adam Smith, 35, according to The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. Smith admitted in an interview that he did, in fact, make video calls to multiple random phone numbers and exposed himself on camera.

[NBC: Englewood man arrested for random nude video calls]


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