Florida Man Records Allegedly Racist Post Office Worker Assaulting Him

Posted December 15, 2023 by with 6 comments

On the one hand, if the post office employee did in fact make racist remarks and insulted customers, she deserves everything that happened to her, including the arrest. Period. On the other hand, I can understand why she finally snapped at the end of the video below and smacked the guy’s phone out of his hand. Not excusing her behavior with the guy’s phone, but I can see how she reached a breaking point (just the sound of the guy’s voice was enough to annoy me, tbh). Here’s a news report on what happened:

Imagine being at a dead end job that you hate, where you’ve already been caught doing something wrong, and now some Karen is recording you on his cell phone for nearly 10(!) minutes while being right in your face. He’s lucky she didn’t pull out a gun. Here’s the full recording of the incident (the man turned on his phone after the alleged racist remarks were made, sadly), with the smack down coming at the very end as he really starts to fuck with her:

Regardless of what the employee did, the man didn’t need to record her for 10 minutes (you don’t need to ask for the manager with your video camera on), and it’s clear he was doing it to antagonize her. And, it worked. Listen to him after the 5-minute mark threatening all of the black women behind the counter: “I promise you, after this, you ain’t gonna have a job. NONE of you will have one.” I can’t help but wonder…how do we know that his behavior towards her and her co-workers wasn’t racially motivated?