Florida Racist With Machine Gun Covered In Swastikas Murders 3 Black Shoppers At Dollar Store

Posted August 26, 2023 by with 5 comments

Another day of hate-fueled murder in America. Would be nice to go one single day without feeling sick and/or terrified, but that’s probably not possible if you live in a country as diseased and dangerous as the United States. A local news report on the Jacksonville, Florida Dollar General Store mass shooting is above, and here are more details via News4Jax:

Three people are dead after what Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters said was a “racially-motivated” shooting that is being called a hate crime by the FBI at a Dollar General on Kings Road that prompted heavy police and SWAT response in Northwest Jacksonville.

The sheriff confirmed that the man who killed numerous people in a mass shooting with an AR-15, which had swastikas drawn on it and a Glock was seen on Edward Waters University’s campus moments before gunfire erupted.