Florida Republican Calls Trans People “Demons And Imps” During Bathroom Debate

Posted April 10, 2023 by with 11 comments

He also said trans people were like “mutants” from the X-Men movies. Via Tallahassee Democrat:

The Florida House could be poised to take up a bill that seeks to prevent transgender men and women from using bathrooms that don’t line up with their sex assigned at birth, after one Republican said Monday it’s “like we have mutants living among us on planet Earth.”

“We have people that live among us today on planet Earth that are happy to display themselves as if they were mutants from another planet,” Rep. Webster Barnaby, R-Deltona, said before the House Commerce Committee approved the bill. “This is the planet Earth where God created men male and women female. I’m a proud Christian conservative Republican. I’m not on the fence, not on the fence.”


The only sliver of hope and good news is that wretched fucks like Webster Barnaby, 63, will begin dying off in the very near future. As Oprah famously said, “They just have to die.”

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