Florida Woman On Frontier Flight Pulls Down Pants In Aisle After Being Told She Can’t Use Toilet: “I Don’t Give A FUCK! I Gotta Go Pee!”

Posted November 28, 2023 by with 6 comments

This actually happened last week and I’m sorry I missed it, what with the holiday and all the gangbangs/bukkakes being released.

After a Florida woman on a Frontier Airlines flight (Florida and Frontier, you know this won’t end well) was told by flight attendants to return to her seat and that she couldn’t use the bathroom, she pulled down her pants in front of the entire cabin and threatened to urinate right there in the aisle. Report via Fox35:

For those who want the uncensored version (and you know you do), here it is:

It’s interesting how nothing is really that shocking anymore, especially airplane behavior. I’m actually surprised she didn’t go ahead and take a piss (or a shit) right there.