Former Destiny’s Child Singer Doubles Down On Support For Man Who Brutally Beat Rihanna

Posted November 22, 2022 by with 7 comments

I liked that one song she did with Nelly all those years ago, but who knew Kelly Rowland was a lover of men who commit domestic violence? Specifically, Rowland has come to the defense of Chris Brown, the singer who brutally beat Rihanna back in 2009, as seen in the infamous TMZ photo above. Here’s Rowland the other night announcing that Brown had won an American Music Award (please, don’t ask me what the fuck an “American Music Award” is):

While the people who voted for Brown are just as sick as Rowland for showing love for a violent thug, Rowland actually doubled down on her support for Brown yesterday, telling TMZ that he deserves to be forgiven for trying to kill Rihanna. Here she is saying we should all be forgiven for “anything” that we do:

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