Fourth Vaccine Offers “Little To No Protection” Against Coronavirus Infection

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Well, shoot. That’s OK, I’m sure a 5th dose will do the trick. Via Jerusalem Post:

The fourth coronavirus vaccine has shown to offer little protection against the coronavirus, a new study released by Sheba Medical Center has shown.

The study, published by The New England Journal of Medicine, examines the efficacy of the fourth coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna. The interim results released show that the vaccine offers little to no protection against contracting the virus when compared to young and healthy individuals vaccinated with three doses.

However, the vaccine did prove to provide moderate protection against symptomatic infection among young and healthy individuals in comparison to those inoculated three times.

“Among the approximate 600 participants, 270 of whom received either a fourth dose of the Pfizer vaccine or Moderna vaccine, we found no differences, both in terms of IgG antibody levels and in terms of neutralizing antibody levels, which reached a level similar to that measured a month after the third dose was administered,” said Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay, director of the Infection Prevention and Control Unit at Sheba Medical Center and head researcher of the study.

[Jerusalem Post: Fourth vaccine offers little protection against COVID-19]

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