Fox News Airs Anti-Trump Ad Reminding Viewers He’s Facing 88 Felony Charges

Posted April 23, 2024 by with 1 comment

The hidden camera style ad featuring someone applying for jobs at a shopping mall was made by the Republican Voters Against Trump PAC, who purchased airtime on Fox News of all places. The network ran the ad yesterday for the first time, and here it is:

It’s a good ad, but the problem with people in cults is that they’re brainwashed, and there’s nothing that will sway them from voting for Trump. After all, the 88 felony charges are just part of the witch hunt. At this point, there’s no one left who can be convinced to leave the MAGA movement, just as there’s no one left who can be convinced to join the MAGA movement. The lines were drawn years ago, and if we learned anything from the scarce amount of people showing up at primaries earlier this year, voter turnout in November will be disastrously low.

Press release and more info on the ad here.

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