Fox News Fires Producer Who Labeled Biden A “Wannabe Dictator”

Posted June 16, 2023 by with 13 comments

This is an update to the story about the Fox News staffer who labeled Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator” on a chyron during Trump’s post-arrest speech on Tuesday night. Turns out, that staffer was a former Tucker Carlson producer (of course) who had been moved into another position at the network. Now, he’s been fired, via DailyBeast:

The Fox News producer who authored the network’s chyron Tuesday night labeling President Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator” has parted ways with the company, two sources told The Daily Beast on Thursday.

Former Tucker Carlson Tonight managing editor Alexander McCaskill, who features prominently in a toxic work environment lawsuit by a former colleague, is no longer with the network.

McCaskill confirmed his exit in a private Instagram post reviewed by The Daily Beast, in which he said it was “the best place I’ve ever worked,” but “the time has come” and so he asked Fox “to let me go, and they finally did.” The image showed the ex-producer standing out front of Fox News’ New York headquarters carrying a box of his belongings.


Below is the Instagram image of McCaskill outside Fox News, in which he claims he asked the network to fire him. Sure.

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