Fox News Hosts Say Man Who Torched Christmas Tree Committed “Hate Crime” Against Fox News

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“Here’s the thing. In New York, under the new liberal bail reform policies, arson is only a felony. You can only be held if it’s a felony if the suspect tries to harm a person or commit a hate crime,” Steve Doocy explained, “And apparently lighting a Christmas tree on fire is not a hate crime.”

On Wednesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson argued that the burning of a Christmas Tree is a hate crime as it is an attack on Christianity, which he accurately called the most popular religion in the world.

Fellow Fox News opinion hosts often take their cues from Tucker Carlson, which happened Thursday morning. Brian Kilmeade insisted that the Fox News All American Christmas tree burning was a hate crime before raising the stakes by calling it a personal attack against the network itself. “Who says it’s not a hate crime against us, against Fox News?

And just like that, you can see the next three weeks of Fox News opinion programming unfold before your eyes.

[Mediaite: Fox & Friends Angered By Lenient Treatment of Christmas Tree Arson Suspect: ‘Hate Crime Against Fox News’]

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