Fox Sports Cuts Away From World Cup Broadcast As Protester Storms Field Waving Pride Flag

Posted November 28, 2022 by with 6 comments

In addition to the rainbow flag, his shirt says “respect for Iranian women” on the back and “save Ukraine” on the front. It’s illegal to be gay in Qatar—an ass-backwards death trap of a country with laws and customs akin to the Taliban—and even straights aren’t allowed to hold hands in public. But money talks, and Qatar bought its way into hosting the pointless sporting event. Video above and story via Deadline:

The 6 p.m. PT replay of today’s World Cup match between Portugal and Uruguay on Fox Sports 1 was missing 32 seconds of game time. At the 50:33 mark of the match, there is an abrupt cut from the players on the field to the back of an Uruguayan player’s head. At the same moment, the game clock in the upper left hand corner of the screen jumps from 50:33 to 51:04 with no explanation.

The 32 seconds in question happen to be the moment a protester took the field waving a rainbow flag and wearing a shirt with messages of support for Iranian women and Ukraine’s independence.


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