French Bulldog Puppy Violently Stolen From Owner In Broad Daylight In San Francisco

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This makes me feel like I need to carry a gun while walking my dog? I guess it’s gotten to the point where you pretty much have to if you live in L.A. or San Francisco. As most people who live here in the “golden state” know, crime is completely out of control in California, but what’s really hard to wrap my head around is just how fucking sick and desperate the criminals have become. Rob a house, rob a liquor store, rob a bank, sure. But now they’re just doing kidnappings in broad daylight? Via SF Gate:

Police released photos of a French bulldog puppy that was violently stolen from its owner on New Year’s Day in San Francisco’s Marina District. The owner was walking the 9-month-old dog named Rosie near Broderick and Beach streets about 10:05 a.m. Saturday when a suspect approached, San Francisco police said. The suspect yanked on the leash with such force that the dog was lifted off the ground, and then dragged the puppy into a car and fled. The car is described as a silver Chrysler 200 with partial plate 7JPM, police said. Rosie’s owner is offering a no-questions-asked reward of $10,000 for the dog.

[SF Gate: French bulldog puppy taken in violent SF robbery]

Another photo of Rosie and tip line info is at the link.

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