Full Trailer For Pointless Barbie Movie Drops

Posted April 4, 2023 by with 10 comments

I won’t be seeing this, as I wasted enough time watching director Greta Gerwig’s nonsensical garbage Frances Ha, and then got tricked again into watching her awful Lady Bird (a tired copy of so many better coming-of-age dramedies, including the far superior Ghost World), so fool me twice, shame on me, right? Like everything else Gerwig touches, Barbie looks as pointless as it is plotless. Maybe people without taste will laugh while watching it (actors and actresses pretending to be dolls is funny?), but the only remotely interesting thing about it for me is a shirtless Ryan Gosling, and even that gets boring after five seconds. After last year’s flops Babylon and Amsterdam, box office poison Margot Robbie is looking at her third back-to-back-to-back bomb with this, but will Hollywood ever stop casting her? She’s beautiful, so I doubt it.

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