Full Trailer Released For Alien: Romulus

Posted June 4, 2024 by with 4 comments

We saw a stupid teaser trailer a couple months ago, and now there’s a full trailer for Alien: Romulus that’s even worse than the first one. Part of the reason why Alien, Aliens, and Prometheus were so good is because the films relied on the stories and characters to build suspense and horror. There was also very little (or none at all) reveal of the aliens in the trailers, and even the full movies barely needed to show them. Trailers can be misleading and I could be wrong, but this new piece of crap looks like all aliens, all the time, with C-list actors running around screaming like idiots. Not scary, and not remotely interesting, especially given that we’ve already seen it all before. Even the silly Alien Resurrection with clone Sigourney Weaver and android Winona Ryder was better than this.

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