Fulton County Sheriff To Trump: “We’ll Have A Mugshot Ready For You”

Posted August 2, 2023 by with 3 comments

The Fulton County DA is expected to indict Trump this month for his attempt to overthrow the 2020 election in Georgia (this would be a separate indictment from the one yesterday, in which Trump was charged federally for attempting to overturn the election nationwide), and the county sheriff announced yesterday that the former president will be treated just like any other suspected criminal, which includes having a mugshot taken. Via WSB:

Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat says his office is preparing for the possibility of former President Donald Trump being indicted in Fulton County.

“Unless somebody tells me differently, we are following our normal practices, and so it doesn’t matter your status, we’ll have a mugshot ready for you,” Sheriff Labat said.


When the sheriff in the below clip smiles and says, “We’ll have a mugshot ready for you,” I was filled with a kind of joy I haven’t felt in years:

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