Funder Of Deranged QAnon Child Sex Trafficking Movie Arrested For Child Kidnapping

Posted August 4, 2023 by with 8 comments

LOL, as we all know by now, this is always the way these things end up. Via Newsweek:

One of thousands of patrons of the crowdfunded anti-child trafficking film Sound of Freedom was recently arrested and charged for child kidnapping, according to a court filing and social media posts.

Fabian Marta (mugshot above) was charged with felony child kidnapping in July, while since-removed Facebook posts appear to show the same person revealing their pride in funding the film. Marta’s name appears in the movie’s credits among the “investors [who] helped bring Sound of Freedom to theaters.”

Sound of Freedom dramatizes the story of anti-child sex-trafficking organization Operation Underground Railroad and its founder, Tim Ballard, who is played in the movie by Jim Caviezel.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police confirmed to Newsweek that Marta, 51, from Chesterfield, Missouri, was charged on July 21, and was arrested on July 23.


The “movie,” which is just more deranged QAnon propaganda that does nothing to prevent actual sex trafficking, has been a big hit with child rapists church groups, who’ve been buying out entire screenings (without filling the seats with actual people) to help inflate the movie’s box office grosses. It stars batshit insane Christofascist jesus freak and QAnon ghoul Jim Caviezel, as seen below.