Gavin Newsom Announces Plan To Allow CA Residents To Sue Anyone Who Sells Or Manufactures Assault Weapons

Posted December 11, 2021 by with 3 comments

He’s not perfect and our state is kind of a disaster in many ways (what state in America isn’t?), but this tonight reminded me of why I love Gavin Newsom and am proud to be a Californian:

If this does go into effect next year, I’ll gladly be one of the plaintiffs suing the gun psychos and assault weapon manufacturers into oblivion (and even collecting a nice $10,000 in the process—not that I expect the payments will ever be made or collected). More via CBS:

In response to Friday’s Supreme Court decision that upheld the state of Texas’s ban on most abortion services, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a statement on his plan of action moving forward.

The new law, which has yet to be introduced, is said to be based on the same Texas law called into question in the Supreme Court case, which permits citizens to sue anyone, including doctors, who may help a woman get an abortion after six weeks – something that is illegal in Texas.

In this case, the law would allow citizens to sue anyone that makes or distributes ghost guns and/or assault rifles. Los Angeles County issued a ban on all ghost guns, including kits and parts of ghost guns, in November.

On Wednesday, prior to the Supreme Court decision, Newsom offered sanctuary to anyone seeking reproductive care ahead of not just the decision in regards to Texas – but to the entire United States – as more than half of the states are set to ban abortion next year.

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