Gay Couple Beaten By Anti-Gay Mob In Times Square While Crowd Stood By And Watched

Posted April 18, 2023 by with 7 comments

As if the rats, garbage, and out-of-control rents weren’t appealing enough, maybe you’d like to visit New York City to experience a good old-fashioned anti-gay hate crime? Go to NYC, and you’re bound to be a victim of one eventually. The boyfriends in the report above were brutally beaten in the middle of Times Square while a crowd of onlookers stood by and did nothing, and one of the men had to have a metal plate put into his jaw. Thanks to fascist politicians legalizing anti-gay discrimination nationwide and the spread of violent hate speech on social media, we’re now going back in time by about 50 years, when hand-holding and any sign of gay affection in public could very well cost you your life.

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