San Diego Gay Man Who Says He Was Set On Fire In Hate Crime Actually Assaulted Pregnant Woman First

Posted June 24, 2023 by with 5 comments

This was first reported by local media as an apparent hate crime, but it turns out the faggot with the ugly lip piercings was actually set on fire by a pregnant woman he had just assaulted. It’s not known why he allegedly attacked the woman (or how the pregnant woman was able to set him on fire?!), but this is not looking like an anti-gay hate crime. Just some violent and obviously very disturbed Californians. Via 10News:

“Investigators determined that this man was the suspect who battered the pregnant woman from the earlier incident at 900 6th Avenue,” police said. “Investigators have since determined the pregnant female was responsible for the burn injuries.”

Detectives have since located security footage San Diego Police say shows the “initial physical assault by the man on the pregnant woman and the subsequent use of fire as a weapon by the pregnant woman on the man.”

“This is a complex investigation, and detectives are examining all aspects and allegations. The San Diego Police Department takes all crimes of violence extremely seriously.”


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