Gay “Performance Artist” Will Fuck One Man A Day For 365 Days

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In case you were wondering how to tell the difference between a performance artist and a typical gay whore, this should make it clear:

In the name of “art,” activist and performance artist Mischa Badasyan plans to have sex with a different person every day for a year. The 26-year-old’s project, called “Save the Date,” hopes to challenge ideas of sexuality and homosexuality in the age of Tinder and Grindr.

Only in the world of performance art does having sex with 365 people make you an activist.

Also: He’s 26?


Generally, I’m not going to tell my dates about this project. What if I tell you I just had sex with you for an art project? People won’t like that. It’s horrible, actually.

Well, a lot of gay men know now, due to the fact that he’s publicized his project on so many gay news sites.

By meeting up with men in places such as parks, Badasyan will explore what happens to sexual interaction when it occurs in a non-place. It’s an experience he knows about from the time he spent performing in Glasgow, while simultaneously looking for men: “I would go to [the park] every night and have sex with guys … until 5 o’clock [or] 6 o’clock in the morning. And I was always … I felt very bad, I was crying all the time. I am always sad after these kind of meetings.”

It sounds like he’s mentally ill.

“It’s easier for a gay man to do this kind of project,” he said. “It’s why I feel lonely. Straight people don’t have these kind of applications, so many gay chats, in terms of cruising, sex clubs, sex bars, they don’t have as many opportunities as gay people.”

Straight people don’t have as many opportunities to have sex as gay people?!

Badasyan’s focus on older gay traditions like cruising reminds us that even before the impersonal Internet, the gay community was cast as a sexual other forced to seek intimacy in the non-places of society. These have included cruising inner-city parks or the interfaces of an app like Grindr.

I’d be much more interested if he made an art project out of how many gay men rejected him on Grindr due to his physical appearance, which I predict will happen every day, and which would say a lot more about gay hook-up culture than someone documenting his own self-absorbed loneliness. Who gives a shit?

Or, maybe this is all just an elaborate performance art hoax about gay men desperate for attention?


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