Gay “Performance Artist” Will Fuck One Man A Day For 365 Days

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In case you were wondering how to tell the difference between a performance artist and a typical gay whore, this should make it clear:

In the name of “art,” activist and performance artist Mischa Badasyan plans to have sex with a different person every day for a year. The 26-year-old’s project, called “Save the Date,” hopes to challenge ideas of sexuality and homosexuality in the age of Tinder and Grindr.

Only in the world of performance art does having sex with 365 people make you an activist.

Also: He’s 26?


Generally, I’m not going to tell my dates about this project. What if I tell you I just had sex with you for an art project? People won’t like that. It’s horrible, actually.

Well, a lot of gay men know now, due to the fact that he’s publicized his project on so many gay news sites.

By meeting up with men in places such as parks, Badasyan will explore what happens to sexual interaction when it occurs in a non-place. It’s an experience he knows about from the time he spent performing in Glasgow, while simultaneously looking for men: “I would go to [the park] every night and have sex with guys … until 5 o’clock [or] 6 o’clock in the morning. And I was always … I felt very bad, I was crying all the time. I am always sad after these kind of meetings.”

It sounds like he’s mentally ill.

“It’s easier for a gay man to do this kind of project,” he said. “It’s why I feel lonely. Straight people don’t have these kind of applications, so many gay chats, in terms of cruising, sex clubs, sex bars, they don’t have as many opportunities as gay people.”

Straight people don’t have as many opportunities to have sex as gay people?!

Badasyan’s focus on older gay traditions like cruising reminds us that even before the impersonal Internet, the gay community was cast as a sexual other forced to seek intimacy in the non-places of society. These have included cruising inner-city parks or the interfaces of an app like Grindr.

I’d be much more interested if he made an art project out of how many gay men rejected him on Grindr due to his physical appearance, which I predict will happen every day, and which would say a lot more about gay hook-up culture than someone documenting his own self-absorbed loneliness. Who gives a shit?

Or, maybe this is all just an elaborate performance art hoax about gay men desperate for attention?


  • Hudsonman

    The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry… Hope he has a back up plan. I’m not going to slut shame him or cast aspersions on his character however, he should take into consideration time off for STDs and well, stuff happens.

  • robirob

    Everything’s art nowdays. Tie your own shoes and it’s a performance art piece about independence! Especially when you put it on instagram, youtube, Twitter, vimeo, vine, or facebook (wait, is facebook still happening?)!

    • Hudsonman

      You did say everything’s art nowadays, yes?

      • Face Palm

        Jackson Pollock would be proud.

  • sxg

    I wonder if Truvada is sponsoring this art performance.

  • AJ

    So dumb.

  • McM.

    The part about straight people not having “as many opportunities as gay people” is wrong.

    Among heterosexuals, that type of “free” sexual engagement is not as publicized due to the stigma automatically attached to women known to participate in such arrangements. If a straight person wants to have sex, they can find it as easily as a gay man – but the smart ones keep their mouths shut about it. Women because of possible slut-shaming, but the men don’t blab because future opportunities can be closed off if they gain a “kiss and tell” reputation (that leads to the aforementioned repercussion for women).

    And then with the younger generation, it’s not as much of a problem. The way they view sex and relationships is just… different.

    Frequency of sex really depends on the person (gay or straight) observing and creating opportunities. And being attractive doesn’t hurt.

  • Donald Horn

    Nope. Nope. And nope.


    I think Jim Carrey said it best.

  • JJ24

    I’m as sexually liberal as they come but 365 guys seems a bit much/sex addict area.

    Also since when is fucking basically around the clock art?

  • pje821

    Obviously any endeavor can be called “art” these days; it’s become a meaningless term. If he gave himself a year to find a husband I’d have more respect for him, but how’s that going to happen if his goal is to meet and fuck a new guy every day? What could possibly go wrong?

    • Entropyguy

      Yeah. It’s not exactly difficult to have one sex partner a day if that’s what you want. True intimacy is more of a challenge.

    • EithanVocarro

      says the man slut shaming people on a porn blog. irony, indeed.

      • pje821

        Apparently you don’t own a mirror, speaking of man sluts.

      • Is that all you know how to say “says the..” and what hypocrite accusing people of slut shaming then you turn around and try and shame others for commenting on a blog posting. Talk about hypocritical!

  • NG212

    I wonder if he’ll succeed. Meaning, will there be enough people who want to have sex with him?

    Also, is that him naked in the final picture, or is that another person?

  • Face Palm

    If he really wants to do something avant garde, try engaging in a meaningful conversation with some of these guys he is going to try and meet instead of just getting fucked. Also, really hope he’s going to see a shrink several days of the week. He does sound ill.

    • EithanVocarro

      says the man slut shaming people on a porn blog. irony, indeed. jesus, you people.

      • Face Palm

        Ain’t nothing wrong with a guy getting his, but when the he admits: “I felt very bad, I was crying all the time. I am always sad after these kind of meetings” and then proceeds to engage in that very behavior every day for a year, that is not healthy. Art project or not.

        Nice copy and paste job by the way.

  • Entropyguy

    This sounds even less valid than the brainless twat that wanted to lose his anal virginity on stage for art school.

  • Dazzer

    Only 365 men in a yeiar? He’s not setting the bar very high, is he? Back in the day, you could (safely) do that many men in a long weekend in a sauna. Oh well, kids these days – no ambition.

  • Since when does being a whore get called art?

    • EithanVocarro

      says the man who comments on every porn blog, including poz chaser ones.

      • Are you stalking me you troll? Obviously you read every porn blog including poz chaser ones. Last I checked it’s called freedom of speech you moron.

  • Casey Scott

    I agree. I’d rather see him do an art project on people rejecting him on Grindr or Scruff. Probably Scruff more, as that was initially started as a “bear app” and it has transformed into another Grindr. He could easily get play on Growlr.

  • n24rc

    More power to him. I think he could make it – depends on where he lives. I had a hookup once where the guy didn’t remember me from another encounter that was a year or two before. (yes, he was sober both times) Small city/town. lol. I wasn’t offended, I played along and got what I needed.

    As to his looks factor…there are plenty of guys who match him, seeking partners. Being single is tough for anyone. I think he’d have better chances meeting men than some of the porn stars on here. People get rejected for any number of reasons, even the “hot” ones. Some are just castoffs after the condom wrapper comes off.

    I’m not sure what bothered Zach about this guy. Is it because he is trying to pass something off as art? Paging Colby Keller!!! Oh wait, Keller doesn’t want guys who are unaesthetic–“no fatties”! 😀

  • n24rc

    Anyone see that Rick Perry story? 😀

  • Nickolas

    To quote the great Elle Woods: “She could use some mascara and some serious highlights, but she’s not completely unfortunate looking.”

    I was at least hoping for some cock shots, or to hear if he’s a top or bottom.