George Santos Admitted To Being A Drag Queen In 2011, Claims To Have Starred With Miley Cyrus On Hannah Montana

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We could literally predict any new George Santos lie, and chances are, it or something similarly absurd would be revealed tomorrow. For today’s insanity, Politico has discovered that Santos updated his own Wikipedia page in 2011 to acknowledge his career as a young drag queen in Brazil, which he’s spent all week denying. He also updated his Wiki to fabricate stories about starring in various Disney shows, including Hannah Montana, as well as working with Steven Spielberg. Via Politico:

Embattled Rep. George Santos has claimed that reports and videos documenting him performing in drag are both “outrageous” and “categorically false.”

But nearly a dozen years ago, Santos himself appears to have confirmed that he participated in drag shows while he was a teenager living in Brazil.

A Wikipedia page accessed by POLITICO shows a user named Anthony Devolder — a Santos alias — writing that he “startted [sp] his ‘stage’ life at age 17 as an gay night club [sp] DRAG QUEEN and with that won sevral [sp] GAY ‘BEAUTY PAGENTS [sp].’”

The Wiki biography was last edited on April 29, 2011. It contains basic information that matches up with the newly sworn-in congressman, including Devolder being born on July 22, 1988, to a Brazilian family with a European background.

His office referred calls for comment to an outside aide, who did not immediately respond. But if the person who created the Anthony Devolder Wiki bio was anyone other than Santos, it would mean someone used the same alias and same biographical details as him a dozen years ago, all for a user page no one else would see.

In the 2011 Wiki bio, the user Anthony Devolder sprinkles show business credits that ring similarly untrue. He describes his Hollywood career as taking off after a meeting with a producer of the 1996 blockbuster “Independence Day.” He name drops the director Steven Spielberg (he misspelled his last name as “Spilberg”), and claims to have started in “a few T.V shows and DISNEY Channel shows such as ‘the suite life of Zack and Cody” and the hit “Hanna[h] Montana.”


More details on all the lies and how Santos repeatedly updated his Wiki at the link.

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