George Santos Arrives At Congress Without Wedding Band Or Husband: “Can You Speak To Any Of The Concerns About Your Biography?”

Posted January 3, 2023 by with 12 comments

It’a a shitshow of epic proportions in the House today, led by the brain dead Republicans, of course, who just failed two times in a row (they’re in the process of a third time at this moment) to elect a leader. Meanwhile, down in the basement before the vote, pathological liar George Santos hit a dead end:

Even more funny, Santos arrived to be sworn in without his wedding band and without his “husband.” New York Post:

Disgraced Long Island Rep.-elect George Santos showed up alone and not wearing a wedding ring to the US Capitol to be sworn in for his first day of work Tuesday morning, dodging a series of reporter questions about his heavily fabricated past.

As Santos walked through the halls of a House office building — clad in a blue sweater and business suit and wearing a black backpack — he remained tight-lipped as journalists peppered him with questions about whether he was fit to serve and the potential of a congressional ethics investigation.

The 34-year-old Santos — who was spotted by The Post moving belongings and a pair of dogs into his sister’s Elmhurst apartment last week — claims to be married to a man but has not been seen with his supposed husband since the scandal over his background broke last month.


“Supposed” lol. I mean, either they’re married or they’re not? Has anyone searched for the marriage certificate filing in New York?

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