Ghislaine Maxwell Enjoying “Cushy” Life Behind Bars At Florida Prison

Posted November 11, 2022 by with 5 comments

Via DailyMail:

Ghislaine Maxwell’s victims will be outraged to learn that her new life behind bars at a low-security Florida prison is anything but the bleak, hellish punishment the 60-year-old predator may deserve. has spoken to well-placed sources at Federal Correctional Institute Tallahassee who paint an extraordinary picture of Maxwell’s cushy regimen – which includes pottery sessions, board game tournaments and crochet lessons from a notorious double murderer.

They reveal the disgraced socialite works just six hours a day in the prison library leaving her with an abundance of downtime to stroll around the manicured grounds with a clique of influential inmate friends to ensure her protection.

She’s also got daily access to an enviable array of sporting facilities including the 400-meter running track where this week spotted the carefree con going for an hour-long jog in the Florida sunshine.

“Carefree con.” More on Ghislaine’s accommodations at DailyMail.