GOP Congressman Attacks Aide For Threatening To Expose Daughter’s OnlyFans Account: “You Fuck With My Family, I’ll End Every Relationship You Have!”

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Porn star daughter? Check. Heated, foul-mouthed, and nearly-violent drunken altercation in public? Check. Just another day in the life of your typical Republican congressman. This one, Rep. Brandon Williams (R-N.Y.), was seen on video this week pointing his finger and screaming at one of his former aides, who allegedly threatened to expose the congressman’s daughter’s OnlyFans after Williams fired him. Well, the truth is obviously out now, and Williams admitted to Politico that his daughter does in fact have an OnlyFans (who doesn’t?). Video of the enraged congressman, who barely won his seat representing NY’s 22nd district just last year, beating the Democrat by one percentage point:


Via Politico:

Rep. Brandon Williams (R-N.Y.) told POLITICO that his former chief of staff and former legislative director attempted to retaliate against him using his 27-year-old daughter’s account on OnlyFans, a popular forum for people to charge for access to sexually explicit content.

According to Williams, the two former staffers, Michael Gordon and Ryan Sweeney, threatened to expose his daughter after Williams fired them.

Gordon was “trying to exert some leverage over me,” Williams said, “and I just simply won’t allow that to happen.”

Gordon said that “the allegations Congressman Williams has levied against me are categorically false” and declined to comment further. Sweeney said the “congressman’s allegations are completely false.”


The part of the story we’re of course missing is why Williams fired his chief of staff and legislative director in the first place. We also don’t know how the two fired staffers knew about the daughter’s OnlyFans. They were probably fucking her. Or, maybe they were fucking the congressman himself. Yes, closet cases are very 1990’s, but nothing should surprise you about these sick Republican freaks and their horrid secrets. The chief of staff, Gordon, actually lived with Williams at one point:

Gordon lived in Williams’ home during part of the latter’s campaign, the lawmaker recalled. But their relationship began unraveling over the course of their months living together and as they worked more closely together in D.C., according to Williams, who described his former chief of staff as “a deeply broken person.”

Yep, they were fucking.