GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Delivers Speech On Butt Plugs And Dildos At Young Republicans Gala

Posted December 11, 2022 by with 9 comments

Is it kind of crazy that we live in a time when headlines like the one above aren’t “fake news,” or is nothing really a surprise anymore? Here’s MAGA bimbo Marjorie Taylor Greene complaining to attendees at the Young Republicans Gala in NYC that they can purchase butt plugs and dildos at CVS and Target stores nationwide:

You can hear one of the attendees reply “gay marriage!” after Marjorie says, “I don’t even know how we got here.” The adulterous QAnon queen is taking her cues, as most brain dead lunatics do, from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who recently ran a segment on sex toy sales at CVS:

As most know, retail outlets like CVS, Target, and even Walmart (as seen below) have been selling dildos and butt plugs and lube for decades, but any kind of feigned outrage over sex toys—especially ones that can be pejoratively linked to gays and the LGBT community—is perfect fodder for right-wing bigots and psychopaths. Carlson apparently believes that butt plugs are comparable to products that cause lung cancer, and stay tuned for his upcoming segment on the shocking news that Walgreens sells condoms.

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