Grabbys Predictions Part 1: Who Will Win, Who Should Win, And Who Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell

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The 2015 Grabbys will be held this Saturday, May 23rd at Metro in Chicago, with returning hosts (for the 900 millionth time) Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West. Joining them as co-hosts are Tayte Hanson, Boomer Banks, Billy Santoro, Tommy Defendi, Jimmy Fanz, and Ryan Rose. Str8UpGayPorn will be there with live, 24/7 coverage from Wednesday through Monday (I apologize in advance for all the drunk tweets), and here is Part 1 of my annual predictions for who will win, who should win, and who doesn’t stand a chance in hell. Part 2 is coming later this week.

Like every year, I usually get most of these dead wrong, so please keep that in mind. The Grabbys are known for dividing up the awards as diplomatically and equally as possible, so the only real guarantee to be made is that everyone always wins at least one award. Full list of nominees here.

tayte roccoBest Newcomer:
Luke Adams
Abraham Al Malek
Bennett Anthony
Brock Avery
David Benjamin
Max Cameron
James Castle
Eddy CeeTee
Colby Chambers
Cam Christou
Casey Everett
Mike Gaite
Tayte Hanson
Tyler Hill
Sebastian Hook
Rhys Jagger
Dylan Knight
Kody Knight
Sebastian Kross
David Lambert
Ian Levine
Eric Nero
Ken Ott
Jason Phoenix
Liam Riley
Seth Santoro
Rocco Steele
Billy Taylor
Johnny V

Will Win: Tayte Hanson and Sebastian Kross
Should Win: Liam Riley, Tayte Hanson, or Rocco Steele
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Jason Phoenix

Weird how so much can change in a year. At the 2014 Grabbys, Chi Chi LaRue’s model Jason Phoenix was made a Grabbys co-host. This year? He’s fallen off the face of the earth, and he definitely won’t be winning in this category. As far as who will win/should win, this is by far the hardest category to predict. I can guarantee that one of the names called will be a CockyBoy, and I’m leaning toward Tayte Hanson since the Grabbys obviously love him (they made him a co-host). As far as the second name (Best Newcomer always has two winners), it’ll definitely be one of Raging Hot Falcon’s exclusives. But if I had to pick, I’d go with Rocco Steele, as no one has blown up in 2014/2015 like Rocco has.

Best Twink Performer:
Jay Bentley
Killian James
Dylan Knight
Zach Knight
Logan Milano
Jessie Montgomery
Hunter Page
JD Phoenix
Axel Rhodes
Ken Riley
Liam Riley
Tyler Rush
Riley Tanner
Andy Taylor
Ashton Weber

Will Win: Liam Riley
Should Win: Liam Riley
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Jay Bentley and Killian James

If they don’t give Liam the Best Newcomer award, they’ll make up for it here—and it’d be deserved either way. Jay Bentley and Killian James being nominated in this category is one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen the Grabbys do.

originalBest Actor:
Jake Bass / Answered Prayers / Cocky Boys
Dirk Caber / Stepfather’s Secret /
Mike De Marko / Sentenced / Channel 1 Releasing
Joe Gunner / Head Hunting / Kristen Bjorn
Colby Keller / Last Call /
Ryker Madison / Scandal at Helix Academy 2 / Helix Studios
Connor Maguire / Dirty Rascals / Nakedsword
Hunter Marx / Bad Cops / Titan Men
Valentino Medici / The Secret Gift / Kristen Bjorn
Evan Parker / Scandal at Helix Academy 2 / Helix Studios
Nick Prescott / Morning Wood / Titan Men
Rogan Richards / The Tourist / Raging Stallion Studios

Will Win: Connor Maguire or Jake Bass
Should Win: Jake Bass
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Valentino Medici

Jake Bass and the Jake Bass’ character (Jinks) were integral to the success of Answered Prayers, and in a lot of ways he (along with Levi Karter) carried the film. At the same time, Connor Maguire was given a lot of comedic dialogue in Dirty Rascals, which he pulled off quite well. This one’s a true toss-up. Dark Horse to keep an eye on: Dirk Caber. His creepy stepdad routine was incredibly believable, and this might be the Grabbys’ one way to give Men/Mindgeek their first Grabby.

Best Supporting Actor:
Doug Acre / Scandal at Helix Academy 2 / Helix Studios
Abraham Al Malek / The Tourist / Raging Stallion Studios
Levi Carter / Answered Prayers / Cocky Boys
Brent Corrigan / Jacked / Falcon
Tommy Defendi / Dirty Rascals / Nakedsword
Trenton Ducati / Sentenced / Channel 1 Releasing
Jessie Jackman / Sweat / Titan Men
Dean Monroe / Answered Prayers / Cocky Boys
Jason Phoenix / Dirty Lil Brother / Channel 1 Releasing
Ryan Rose / Easy Inn / Falcon

Will Win: Trenton Ducati
Should Win: Levi Karter
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Jason Phoenix

If the Grabbys want to make this an Answered Prayers sweep, they’ll give this to the rightful winner: Levi Karter. But, the Grabbys always like to spread the love, so they’ll probably give this to Trenton Ducati for his work in a Chi Chi LaRue movie.

tumblr_nh757tP1VM1sg7zw6o1_400Best Versatile Performer:
Boomer Banks
David Benjamin
Brian Bonds
Max Carter
Landon Conrad
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Fanz
Leo Forte
Alexander Gustavo
Tayte Hanson
Tyler Hill
Jesse Jackman
Levi Karter
Colby Keller
Ian Levine
Hunter Marx
Jason Phoenix
Nick Prescott
Adam Ramzi
Ricky Roman
Ryan Rose
Sean Zevran

Will Win: Colby Keller
Should Win: Colby Keller
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Jason Phoenix

Am I being too naïve in thinking that the Grabbys will get this one 100% right?

tumblr_nj6aygKxUN1qdb6o8o1_1280Hottest Top:
Boomer Banks
Nick Capra
Tommy Defendi
Topher DiMaggio
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Alexander Greene
Tayte Hanson
Colby Jansen
Colby Keller
Sebastian Kross
Connor Maguire
Evan Parker
Valentin Petrov
Adam Russo
Andrew Stark
Rocco Steele
Ryan Rose
Mitch Vaughn
Diesel Washington
Cutler X
Sean Zevran

Will Win: Rocco Steele or Boomer Banks
Should Win: Andrew Stark or Diesel Washington
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Topher DiMaggio

Most of the guys in this category are fully versatile, which makes picking a winner almost impossible. When in doubt, go with the biggest dick, right?

Predictions coming later this week: Hottest Bottom, Hottest Cock, Best Movie, Performer Of The Year, and more!

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