Grabbys 2015: The Biggest Snubs, Surprises, And WTFs?

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grabbys1Every year, the Grabbys snub some of the best, most deserving performers and studios in gay porn, and this year is no exception. Also this year, they managed to make some truly bizarre nominations, which I’m hoping might just be mistakes?

A rundown of the biggest snubs, surprises, and truly WTF nominations:

Best Blog
Thanks to the Grabbys for nominating Str8UpGayPorn for the second year in a row. Overall, this is my 6th Grabbys nomination, but don’t worry, haters, I can guarantee that I won’t win. (The Grabbys always like to award the most bland, non-offending blog.) The one surprise in this category has to be the nomination of Gay Republic. This is a blog that is published here in the United States, but with grammar and syntax like this, you’d think it was a foreign-based blog like QueerMeNow or MenOfPorn. Or, maybe it’s a blog from a whole different planet??


Best Newcomer
Despite being jammed with 29 nominees(!?), the Grabbys didn’t include Blake Mitchell, Dalton Briggs, Theo Ford, or Leo Sweetwood in the Best Newcomer category? And while they are great performers, “newcomer” nominees Dylan Knight and Max Cameron have been doing gay porn since 2013.

Lucas Entertainment
This isn’t a snub or a surprise, as the Grabbys have a strict policy that excludes bareback studios and performers (unless you’re Best Bottom nominee Blue Bailey or 6-time nominee Rocco Steele), but it’s still extremely fun to point out that Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment received a whopping ZERO nominations this year.

killian jay

Best Twink Performer
Say hello to two of your Best Twink Performer nominees: Killian James and TitanMen’s Jay Bentley!

Best Screenplay
Answered Prayers / Jake Jaxson / Cocky Boys
Bad Cop / Jasun Mark / Titan Men
Into The Shadows / Dave Richards / Titan Men
Last Call / Marc MacNamera/
Sentenced/Punished / Chi Chi LaRue and Doug Jefferies / Channel 1 Releasing
Scandal at Helix Academy 2 / Francis McAllister and A.V.Alferez / Helix Studios
The Tourist/ Steve Cruz/ Raging Stallion Studios

No offense to some of these nominees, but how did “screenplays” with little to literally no words receive nominations while a plot-driven movie with pages and pages of dialog like Dirty Rascals didn’t? WTF?

colt-rivers-gay-pornColt Rivers
Colt Rivers is without question one of the best performers working in gay porn right now. I don’t need to remind you of his credentials. The fact that he received zero nominations is perhaps the single greatest embarrassment the Grabbys has faced in recent memory.

Best Video Company Site & Best Web Original Content
These two categories are exactly the same thing, and multiple studios are actually nominated in both categories! The two categories only exist separate from one another so that the Grabbys can nominate 40 companies instead of 25 or 30. Ridiculous.

Sean Zevran
I love Sean Zevran, but nominating him as Hottest Top, Hottest Bottom, and Best Versatile seems redundant, doesn’t it?

GayOfThronesPart4DMH12Best Movie

Answered Prayers / Cocky Boys
Bad Cop / Titan Men
Dirty Rascals / NakedSword
Embrace / Buckshot
Gay of Thrones /
Naughty Pines 1&2 / Falcon
Saddle Up / Hot House Entertainment
Scandal at Helix Academy 2 / Helix Studios
Sentenced/Punished / Channel 1 Releasing
The Tourist / Raging Stallion Studios’s Gay Of Thrones was easily one of the most universally panned, disappointing, and just plain worst things released last year. If they had to throw a bone in this category, why not nominate the much better and much more controversial “Stepfather’s Secret“?


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