Grabbys Afterparty Madness With Chi Chi, Teddy, Ricky, Dmitry, More…

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IMG_7497One way to know that you’ve attended a good afterparty is if you can’t remember it, and I can’t recall a single thing from last night, so it must have been amazing. Above: Hans Berlin, Chi Chi LaRue and a gaggle of guests relax in the 35th floor party suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. Below: Me and Erynn sexually abusing poor Teddy, whom Chi Chi sold to the party’s host, David Arias, for $500. Every whore has their price.

IMG_7452Two shocking criminal acts took place at the afterparty, the first of which was the theft of Teddy’s Timoteo underwear. He started the night in the sling wearing them, but by the end of the evening, they were missing. Who would be ratchet enough to steal the underwear off a stuffed animal?


Did Phillip Ashton, Diesel Washington, Hunter Page, or Shawn Wolfe steal Teddy’s underwear???


The other criminal act (which actually really is insane and could have resulted in murder!), happened when someone threw a billiard ball (the 8 ball, to be specific) out the 35th floor window! Hotel security brought half of the ball back up to the room (it obviously shattered upon hitting the pavement—and thankfully not a human being) with a lot of questions. And you thought Steven Daigle throwing a Fleshjack out the window was bad…


Above: Ricky Roman, Eli Lewis, Hunter, Diesel, Ethan Slade, and Ryan Rose. Below: Tim Valenti canoodling with Chi Chi and two people with the biggest cocks in the room.


Dillon Rossi and Jake Bass pay a visit to Teddy; Bryan Cole and a hot friend made an appearance:


Finally, the obligatory make-out session of the afterparty was enjoyed by Levi Karter and Dmitry Dickov. New gay porn power couple alert:




  • robirob

    Regarding Teddy: It’s the end of an era *sob*.

  • Taggart

    Porn stars are so often horribly dressed. Fortunately, they’re usually better naked.

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    I had a friend in college who spent four months in the hospital getting her face put back together because some loser dropped a water balloon on her from five stories. I hope whoever dropped that eight ball gets arrested. There must have been enough people on the ground to see if happen if security ended up in the room.

    • John Young

      The chances of that happening are 1 in 734,000, 000. You are a drama queen and stupid. A. the eight ball didn’t hit anyone so arresting someone solves nothing. B. Terminal velocity is a reality.

    • sxg

      what’s her name so I can google this story to find any merit in it

      • OneOfTheManyChris

        Believe it or not, it was before the invention of the Internet. She’s fine, and has been fine for many years.

        It is however easy to find discussions of objects dropped from high buildings on the Internet. The billiard ball was shattered. Therefore whatever was on the ground would have absorbed enough energy to shatter a billiard ball. Experiment with billiard balls and hammers, and any skulls you have lying around that you don’t want. I lol’d at the terminal velocity crack. Billiard balls are designed to be aerodynamic. Feel free to go to a skyscraper and let your friends drop billiard balls onto you and see if you live.

    • NG212

      That’s awful. I hope she’s okay. I really don’t understand the hate and skepticism you’re getting. Does anyone on the Internet have a heart?

  • Dave

    Please so when don’t these guys sleep with each other…LOL…their lifestyle is a joke…They’ll date each other for awhile, post all of their business on Twitter, get in a fight, post it on Twitter etc. etc. etc. just for publicity…SAD

    • TonyLA

      You apparently can’t get enough reading about their “lifestyle” then making judgments. THAT is sad.

      • Dave

        not making a judgement…it’s a sad reality & the truth

    • Luca

      you know, they can just make out and have uncommitted sex, like many many other people who are not porn star.

  • Todd

    Oh, Zach ….we all know you’re coming back with Teddy’s underwear as a souvenir ….. there’s no way any other porn star would give you their underwear….. poor Teddy, his next film will be ’12 Years A (Bear) Slave’ …………. Damn you Chi Chi.

  • NG212

    Hot to see Dmitry and Levi kissing. And unexpected, too. I thought Dmitry was pretty straightish in his personal life.

    • Pascal

      I think your instincts as a consumer should tell you that this PR stunt is just announcing a near Cockyboys/Gayhoopla crossover, like the JJSwift/Austin Wilde tweets did a while ago.

      I wonder how much money Zach makes for helping seed this promotion.

      • NG212

        Ok. But if a GH/CB crossover never materializes (and I have serious doubts the meticulous film makers at CB would be interested in working with an amateur studio like GH), then I get permission to call you cynical.

  • Terry

    I can’t believe what Hans Berlin was wearing ! Worst taste ever !!!