Granny Celebrates 106th Birthday With Naked Waiter

Posted August 14, 2022 by with 6 comments

It looks like all the “waiters” from the ButlerInTheBuff service don’t actually get fully naked, so if you hire one, don’t expect to see any cock. Still, just seeing the hunk shirtless was probably exciting enough for the 106-year-old great grandmother celebrating her birthday. Via NYPost:

Great-grandmother Norah Shaw, who resides in Tennyson Wharf Care Home in the UK, quipped to staff she wanted a “hunky man” for her 106th birthday — and her daughter Gill Shaw delivered a nearly naked waiter for her party.

“I was very shocked when he turned around, because he had no underwear on. It was quite amusing,” she told PA Real Life.

“I had to keep checking, so I asked him to get some sandwiches.”

Eddy Betteridge, a 32-year-old performer from the Butlers in the Buff agency, sported only an apron and bow tie as he served sandwiches, scones and bubbly.


If I have to live to be 100 and fucking 6 years old, I’m sorry, but I would want the guy to be cumming on my face, not bringing me sandwiches. Maybe that’s just me.

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