[UPDATED] Guilty Or Not Guilty?

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[Note: This article is being updated continuously below.]

Highlights from closing arguments in Trump’s porn star hush money trial are here, and after the jury receives instructions from the judge a few hours from now, everyone will of course be on “verdict watch” 24/7. That verdict could even come back before the end of the day, Wednesday, but that would be surprising. I’ve always believed that this will end up being a hung jury resulting in a mistrial, as getting 12 people (even liberal New Yorkers) to agree that a president of the United States should become a convicted felon and possibly be sent to prison for several years seems unlikely. But, who knows. Maybe they’ll all find the evidence too overwhelming, and it’ll be impossible to overlook his guilt. We’ll find out as early as Wednesday afternoon.

A discussion with Rachel Maddow and her panel after closing arguments concluded, with some theories on how the jury might (or might not) reach a verdict:

Your thoughts on what the jury will do (not your own opinion of his guilt or innocence):

UPDATE, Wednesday 5pm:

The first day of deliberations has ended, so as of Wednesday night, we have no verdict. Jurors deliberated for just over four and a half hours on their first day, and they sent notes to the judge asking to re-hear testimony from tabloid king David Pecker (lol) and Michael Cohen. The relevant testimony they’re asking to hear will presumably be read back to them tomorrow, and the lawyers were going back and forth over the request late this afternoon, after jurors had been excused for the day. It’s absolutely fucking insane that full transcripts from all the testimony isn’t digitized and available to jurors instantly. Given this and the fact that cameras aren’t allowed in courtrooms, it’s clear that New York is living in the goddamn stone age, and I’m surprised the state doesn’t still carry out executions by hanging. Some discussion on today’s events via CNN:

And, here was Trump from earlier this morning, telling reporters that even Mother Teresa couldn’t beat the charges that he’s facing:

The thought of Mother Teresa paying off Stormy Daniels in order to hide their affair is obviously absurd. I see Teresa as more of a Nina Hartley stan.

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