Happy Holidays From Str8UpGayPorn

Posted December 24, 2022 by with 8 comments


[gif of Tony Genius and Ty Santana via GuysInSweatpants]

Str8UpGayPorn wishes happy holidays to everyone celebrating this weekend! What are you doing today and/or tomorrow? Did anyone get you any good presents? What were they? More importantly, did you give anyone any good presents? Feel free to share below. One of the things I got my mom was a 23andMe DNA test kit, which was kind of self-indulgent because I got it as much for me as I did for her, since I’m curious where in God’s name I came from and who in the hell my ancestors might be. As another gift to myself (and maybe to you), I’m taking a break from posting until Monday, which means there won’t be any updates on Christmas, barring any breaking news (you never know when your favorite gay porn star might be arrested for something insane in Florida).

My favorite Christmas song, from the greatest songwriter of our generation: