Harvard Medical School Morgue Manager Arrested For Selling Human Body Parts On Black Market

Posted June 14, 2023 by with 1 comment

Video above via CBS. More from NBC:

Cedric Lodge, the morgue manager, is accused of letting buyers come into the morgue to pick what remains they wanted to buy, then stealing parts of donated cadavers like brains, skin and bones, taking them to his home in New Hampshire and shipping them to buyers through the mail.

Sounds kind of like a farmers market vibe, only with stolen brains and bones. At Harvard.

In addition to the body parts and organs, the morgue manager also sold desiccated (dried out) faces that people turned into leather or masks.

In 2020, [defendant] Maclean allegedly paid $600 for two desiccated faces she picked up at the school’s morgue from Cedric Lodge. Months later, Taylor, who is from West Lawn, Pennsylvania, sent Denise Lodge “$200 with a memo that read, ‘braiiiiiins,'” according to the complaint.

The human race, man. Seems like it might soon be time for humanity to just call it quits.

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