Harvey Weinstein Struggling To Keep Pants On During Rape Trial

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Good lord. Via The Wrap:

Harvey Weinstein’s defense lawyer on Wednesday confirmed that the disgraced producer has been struggling to keep his pants on.

Mark Werksman began the afternoon session by asking Judge Lisa Lench if it’s OK for Weinstein to wear suspenders. Werksman said Weinstein’s pants have been falling down.

The judge said that was fine with her, as long as it falls within the sheriff’s rules, but she wasn’t going to “countermand” those. It was not immediately clear whether the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department had a suspenders policy.

Mid-trial, Weinstein was moved from his preferred position at the defense table so he could no longer “stare” at the jury.

[The Wrap]

Also today, Melrose Place star Daphne Zuniga (she played Jo—remember when Kimberly kidnapped her baby?) testified in the trial about what Weinstein victim Jennifer Siebel (Gavin Newsom’s wife) told her in 2005. Via Fox:

Melrose Place star Daphne Zuniga took the stand in Harvey Weinstein’s sex-crimes trial to defend her good friend Jennifer Siebel Newsom on Tuesday.

As Zuniga and Siebel Newsom remain close acquaintances, she testified to the Los Angeles Superior Court jurors about the day that Siebel Newsom recounted her meeting with the disgraced producer.

In 2005, Zuniga mentioned she went on a hike with Siebel Newsom, who discussed that she had a business meeting with Weinstein.

During the conversation, Zuniga asked Siebel Newsom how the meeting went with Weinstein, and she responded, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

After quickly changing the subject and never bringing up the topic again, Zuniga described Siebel Newsom’s behavior switch from energetic and “upbeat” to being vividly “upset” and “agitated.”