Helix’s “Lifeguards” Takes Best Picture At The Str8UpGayPorn Awards [Complete List Of Winners]

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IMG_3996I’ll have a full photo gallery of the red carpet and Str8UpGayPorn Awards ceremony coming soon, but first, here are all the winners from the show, along with a couple photos I took after the show. (I didn’t have time to do photos during the show, but don’t worry, we have a real photographer with real photos of everything coming up. And, if you missed the live stream earlier, the show was recorded so I have that coming, too.) Above, it’s Sean Cody’s Brandon (probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, tbh) and Liam Riley.

Winners of the night were Helix (they took the Best Picture prize for “Lifeguards”), CockyBoys, GuysInSweatpants, Ryan Rose, Carter Dane, Blake Mitchell, Brent Corrigan, Sean Ford, Johnny Rapid, Levi Karter, Mickey Knox, Colby Chambers, Evan Parker and Tyler Hill, Boomer Banks, Chi Chi LaRue, Bruce Beckham, and Austin Wilde (he won the most of the awards of the night: Best Body, Best Duo, Best All-Sex Studio). The one surprise of the night was probably FraternityX’s win for Best Group Scene (“Grab Him By The Mussy.”). Winners are noted in bold.


“Cauke For Free” (Titan Men)
“Just Love” (Cocky Boys)
“Lifeguards: Summer Session” (Helix Studios)
“Scared Stiff” (Naked Sword)
“Tarzan” (Men)


IMG_3995(Carter Dane took home two awards: Best Performer and Best Ass)

Outstanding Achievement In Sexual Performances By A Gay Adult Entertainer

Austin Wilde
Blake Mitchell
Carter Dane
Colby Keller
Diego Sans
Justin Owen
Kevin Warhol
Levi Karter
Sean Cody’s Randy
Sean Zevran


Outstanding Achievement In Direction Of A Film Or Series

Marty Stevens—”Last Summer In Greece”
Alex Roman—”Lifeguards: Summer Session”
Chi Chi LaRue—”Scared Stiff”
Jake Jaxson—”The Stillest Hour”
Marc MacNamara—”Tarzan”

IMG_3949(Ryan Rose, winner of Best Actor for NakedSword’s Scared Stiff, along with Ricky Roman and Josh Moore)

Outstanding Achievement By An Actor In A Lead Role

Matthew Bosch, “Cauke For Free”
Liam Riley, “One Erection”
Ryan Rose, “Scared Stiff”
Will Wikle, “The Stillest Hour”
Diego Sans, “Tarzan”

IMG_3973(Blake Mitchell, Best Supporting Actor winner, and Austin Wilde, the winner of Best All-Sex Studio for GuysInSweatpants, Best Body, and Best Duo)

Outstanding Achievement By An Actor In A Supporting Role

Bruce Beckham, “Cause For Free”
Diesel Washington, “Lies And Affairs”
Blake Mitchell, “Lifeguards: Summer Session”
Colton Grey, “Secrets & Lies”
Justin Owen, “Will Fuck 4 Home”


IMG_3972(Sean Ford, winner of Best Newcomer)

Outstanding Achievement By A Performer Who Rose To Prominence In 2016

Calvin Banks
Derek Bolt
Corbin Colby
Sean Ford
Collin Simpson

Outstanding Achievement In Gay Adult Entertainment By A Straight-Identifying Male

Vadim Black
Tom Faulk
Johnny Rapid
Sean Cody’s Sean
Collin Simpson

Flirt4Free’s Best Studio On Live Cam


Flirt4Free’s Best Webcam Crossover Star

Kevin Warhol


Bel Ami
Cocky Boys (tie)
Falcon Studios
Helix Studios (tie)
Naked Sword
Next Door Studios
Titan Men

Outstanding Achievement By An All-Sex Studio

Chaos Men
Guys In Sweatpants
Fraternity X
Gay Hoopla
Corbin Fisher

Gay Adult Entertainment’s Most Popular Star, Determined By Fan Votes

Boomer Banks
Bruce Beckham
Brent Corrigan
Sean Ford
JJ Knight
Liam Riley
Armond Rizzo
Ricky Roman
Ryan Rose
Kyle Ross


Kris Evans
Ryan Rose
Austin Wilde (tie)
Arad Winwin (tie)
Sean Zevran


Sean Cody’s Randy (tie)
Boomer Banks (tie)
Corbin Colby
Joel Birkin
Blake Mitchell


IMG_3975(Diesel Washington, who gave the most rousing presentation speech of the night for Best Performer, with Sandra.)


Corbin Colby
Carter Dane
Levi Karter
Dante Martin
Sean Zevran


IMG_3961(Icons together: Chi Chi LaRue right after her win, with Sandra.)

Outstanding Achievement By A Star Who Launched A Comeback Or Reinvention

Bruce Beckham (tie)
Dean Phoenix
Chi Chi LaRue (tie)
Taylor Reign
Jason Vario


Gay Adult Entertainment’s Most Popular Couple, Determined By Fan Votes

Brent Corrigan And JJ Knight
Kyle Ross And Max Carter
Diego Sans And Marc MacNamara
Tyler Hill And Evan Parker
Colby Chambers And Mickey Knox


Outstanding Achievement In Controversial, Shocking, Or Headline-Making News

Blake Mitchell’s Bottoming Debut For Sean Ford
Colby Keller’s Vote For Donald Trump
Jarec Wentworth’s Imprisonment For Extorting Donald Burns
Killian James’ Fake Death
Will Wikle’s Gay Porn Debut


Outstanding Gay Porn Scene Featuring Two Performers

Brent Corrigan And Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck (Ultra Fan—NakedSword)
Jess Fucks Sean (Sean Cody)
Austin Wilde Fucks Jack Hunter (Guys In Sweatpants)
Blake Mitchell Fucks Justin Owen (“Fair Game”—Helix Studios)
Jake Davis Fucks Dante Martin (“Dirty Poolboy”—Next Door Studios)


Outstanding Gay Porn Scene Featuring Four Or More Performers

“Last Summer In Greece” (Adam Archuleta, Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion, Robin Michaux, Brian Jovovich, Roald Ekberg—Bel Ami)

“Tarzan” (Diego Sans, Luke Adams, Colton Grey, Tobias—Men)

“One Erection” (Colby Keller, Allen King, Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Tayte Hanson, Kody Stewart—Cocky Boys)

“Lifeguards: Summer Session” (Kyle Ross, Blake Mitchell, Max Carter, Joey Mills, Tyler Hill, Evan Parker—Helix Studios)

“Grab Him By The Mussy” (Models Unidentified—Fraternity X)



Outstanding Gay Porn Scene Featuring Three Performers

Levi Karter, Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox (Cocky Boys)
Jack Harrer, Peter Annaud, Brian Jovovich (“Offensively Large”—Bel Ami)
Randy, Dean, Cory (Sean Cody)
Ellis, Hugh, Sebastian (“Ellis Gets Double-Dicked”—Corbin Fisher)
Johnny Rapid, Adam Bryant, Will Braun (“Fuckemon Go”—Men)



  • WhimsyCotton

    Very funny. Now where are the real winners. Don’t worry, I can wait. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ca66bfb948c980e032dfc386095b33614acfe286a269ad8450916445b761a0a.gif

    • Maximus

      You know you’re Mariah Carey when you’re willing to risk drinking red wine on an airplane while wearing an all-white ostrich feather coat because you can easily afford a new one if it gets stained.

  • Scrapple

    I hope someone sends Teo a picture of his award.

    • sanfv

      Already sent!

      • Scrapple

        That’s nice of you. And I’m sure you took the picture and gayed it up with rainbows, glitter stickers, crude dick drawings and a picture of Donald Burns dragging an unidentified piece of ass to a car dealership.

        • sanfv

          I had a gift card from Joanne’s and a free Friday night, can you really blame me?

          I also drew a trump wall- just to scare him , cuz it’s been 2ish years and no body knows if he’s being deported or not.

          • Scrapple

            That’s nice. He can use the gift card to buy a throw pillow and repurpose it as a fuck pillow. They say the first thing you lose in prison is your arch support. Followed by your dignity.

            I thought that part had been settled. At the rate we’re going, deportation might not be such a bad thing.

  • jimboivyo

    Honestly Zach, you should be very proud. This awards show left them all in the dust. Even with a few minor glitches, it recovered with professionalism which reflects the hard work and planning which you and your team invested in this production. It truly was everything and more.

    Well done, Sir!

    • James Johnson III

      I wholeheartedly agree. Glitches (which, for a first year, are certainly to be expected) aside, the entire show was brisk, lively, and entertaining. Well done to all involved. My one gripe: Not enough shirtlessness but I’m sure that will be rectified by next year. Again, congratulations on a successful night!

      • jimboivyo

        keeping a show like this moving, with video, presenters, winners, etc., is no small task. Especially when people are partying and having a good time. This was a sleek, sophisticated and well produced program.

        I hope Zach’s getting his groove on right about now.

  • James Johnson III

    This is just the post I need. Now I can watch all of the nominees/winners and not have to remember who they all were. Awesome

  • Hari Kalyan

    i dont remember the newsmaker category present on the live stream? was it?

    • in • vizi • bro

      There were a few minutes where the livestream dropped all together; for me that was before the viewers pick for best couple was announced… so I’m assuming it happened around there

  • edginghours

    “Grab Him By The Mussy” (Models Unidentified—Fraternity X)


    • Scrapple

      Evil Ryan was sooo sexy.

    • Joey

      Omg lol ikr?

      The ~upset of the night.

    • Birdy65


  • Dazzer

    I’m drunk.

    The “live-feed” hasn’t worked at all. I couldn’t be there – even in spirit.

    I don’t think the prizes given out represent the ethos of St8UpGayPorn’s readership.

    To be honest, I’m depressed.

    I’m depressed and I’m going to bed

  • sanfv

    Amazon night and award shown Zach henny.

    Two things though.

    1) Sean Ford in a transformers, dark of the moon t shirt burned my eyes a little.

    2) who ever is giving Sandra her testostorne injections is pumping her with horse hormones, it seems

    *couldnt resist throwing shade*

    • Scrapple

      Was it Dark of the Moon or The Last Knight? Either way, I’m applauding his master plan to use Moschino and Transformers to throw shade at Helix like “I didn’t age out, I peaced out! Bitch!”

      • sanfv

        I had someone inception into my mind to erase all memories of The Last Knight-thanks for bringing them back.

        Sean threw massive shade, yasss! And to believe he was going to “age out ”

        And here I thought he was going to go to college , but alas, poverty reminded him that working for Starbucks is just too much of hassle.

        • Scrapple

          Well a life change was needed because something has to keep the young master in ear studs, neck chains and designer tees. Selling ombre frappes ain’t gonna do it.

    • Maximus

      I’m disappointed in Moschino for sullying its brand by collabing with the Transformer movie franchise, which, by the way, needed to die four movies ago.

      • Jon

        Moschino has no brand to sully, they’re pretty bottom of the barrel themselves with those hideous Jeremy Scott designs.

  • Donald Horn

    I’m laughing my ass off at Johnny Rapid’s win. Was he there to receive his award or was he at a bowling alley trying to set up a three way with an underaged girl? The world may never know…

    • Luis Iván Román Valero

      I know… WTF?????? If he is straight I’m fucking Britney Spears man! I can’t even!

  • Pertinax

    Day will come when pornography will be recognized as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.


  • jimboivyo

    And not a single mention from QMN blog on the biggest night in the industry! Zach brought the fierceness and they now finally realize who the queen bee finally is!

  • ChuckyFromKentucky

    Blake Mitchell loves dick so much,but yet he claims to be ”bisexual” just because he’s another self hating gay begging for his father’s acceptance

    • jimboivyo

      The box you live in must be quite small and without ventilation.

    • Maximus

      You know, it is possible to both love dick AND love lady parts. Not all bisexuals are just homosexuals who are in denial and/or trying to save face.

  • Maximus

    I love the trophy design, Zach. Very sleek and sexy, something that any homosexual would be proud to display in his living room or home office. At the same time, it looks like something that would shatter if a jilted lover or malicious ex-business partner tried to use it as a murder weapon, which is very socially conscientious of you.


    • Scrapple

      Can you imagine if one of these porn models attacks his partner with that award and then Zach has to report on the incident and the eventual court proceedings? Talk about awkward.

  • DPS

    I gave up on the live stream, drop after drop. Very disappointing but thank you Zach for providing one for those who could view. Looking fwd to the replay (I think?)

  • trex

    How do you give an award to a website-Guysinsweatpants-that doesn’t update its site for almost 6 months, with no notice or explanation to its paying members? Seriously, how?

    • Logan Fisher™

      have a feeling since Austin won 2 awards this is a little lip service because a certain someone really likes him

    • Mike Julius

      Because when they do update, the quality isn’t shit. So rather than churning out excrement for months *cough* Sean Cody *cough*, it had a hiatus and then continued with quality content. GISP deserved that win.

      • WhimsyCotton

        Is it a hiatus if it’s unannounced and provides no explanation to paying customers though?

        • Mike Julius

          hiatus: an interruption in time or continuity : break; especially : a period when something (such as a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted

          No mention of an announcement in the definition from Merriam Webster. Huh.

          • WhimsyCotton

            Well when you’re right, you’re right.

            That said, it still isn’t right for a company to do that to their subscribers.

  • John McKee

    Oh to be a fly on the wall on some of those fuckfests going on last night/this morning.

  • John

    I almost NEVER am pleased with either the nominees or the winners at contests. I was really pleased with the winners this year. I was also pleased that BB and international entries were allowed. Much better than the Grabby’s. Congrats on a success! I was especially pleased the Austin Wilde and his studio got recognition! John

  • Logan Fisher™

    A Str8UpGayPorn award for Best Actor to Ryan Rose (this is SHOCKING!!!) never could have guessed that in a million years LOL (sarcasm). Hmm being a “lifeguard” myself I don’t know if we just stand or sit around & just look good & not actually get wet & do some actual lifeguarding LOL not exactly a very accurate depiction but whatever floats your boat, the sex is kinda blah too.