[Updated] Here Is A Picture That Trenton Ducati Just Posted To Instagram

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twAs of early this morning, a photo that Trenton Ducati posted of himself holding a gun in the air (and something else below his waist) has received over 800 likes on Instagram. Reactions to the photo, as seen to the right of the image, have been decidedly mixed.


Nearly 10 hours later, Trenton Ducati has removed the photo of him with a gun and posted a new photo, accompanied by an apology. The photo with the gun, according to Ducati, was posted due to a “technical mistake.”


  • The gay green lartern

    So inappropriate…
    That’s all I’ll say

  • La Serpenta Canta

    Does anyone know anything about Tod Parker?

    • Mike Julius


  • Xzamilloh

    I mean, dude is a complete asshole… did you expect anything less?

    • Connor Kline

      A complete asshole? He’s the most genuine, sincere guy in porn…with the biggest heart. Stfu unless you’ve met them, cause you clearly haven’t. He has someone work his social media for him, rarely does he ever post the pics himself, stop throwing shade to be a bitch.

  • Silver64

    A total dick move on his part. No class, Ducati, no class at all.

    • Silver64

      At 12:30 PM he posted an apology for the pic on Twitter…not sure if I can accept it. If he couldn’t have the class, he should at least have the brains not to post a pic with a gun. Damage Control is under way.

  • Scrapple
  • FooFight


  • EricM

    Hey…he’s got to try and stay relevant. Usually when someone does something like this soon after a tragedy, It’s a desperate move to try and get attention. There is a lot of much better porn performers out there to compete with..#Desperate

  • sanfv

    He’s a cum dump- she needs to do what ever she needs to do go to sleep at night and tell herself; ” I matter, and people like me”, even if it means a distasteful post.


    • a b

      Dude, don’t refer to gay people in feminine pronoms

      • WhimsyCotton

        Even gay women?

        • a b


        • sanfv

          Especially the gay women.

      • Maximus

        Gurl, this is a blog that posts about gay porn, drag queens, and queer current events. The rest of us here are secure enough in our own gender identities to play around with pronouns. It’s FUN. Save the “masc for masc” sensibilities for Grindr.


        • sanfv

          We all need more of this in our lives.


          • Maximus

            C’mon double axel death drop! That is so sickening!

          • Corax95

            Love Leiomy!!!

          • sanfv

            I’ve had the immense pleasure of vogueing with her in a very friendly competition.

            I was slayed. She took 3 years off my life!

            She is an iconic mother for a reason!

          • Maximus

            She must have taken those three years from you and passed them on to me because I am absolutely LIVING for this bitch right now! I can’t believe that I had never heard of her before today!


          • sanfv

            Girl, it was a friendly and as soon as the MC started chanting ” Lei, Lei, Leiomy!”, I knew I was dead.
            Live off her energy and my stolen life force ?


          • Corax95

            Look up MTV’s competition show America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4. She’s in a group called Vogue Evolution.

          • Corax95

            WOW! You’re brave for doing that! 😛

            I’ve yet to meet the iconic and legendary Leiomy but I hung out with Jack, Kelly, Selvin, Andre and a few other Mizas way back in the day.

          • edginghours

            I couldn’t tell it was her but she’s the first that came to mind when I saw this. So amazing.

          • Corax95
          • sexnando

            omg i’m so slayed

          • Maximus

            Absolutely gag-worthy. Those moves take such incredible coordination and flexibility to pull off. Most people would be staggering around and tripping over themselves after that much spinning and hair whipping, but this bitch just keeps going, AND SHE DOES IT IN HEELS!

        • a b

          Nobody is showing to be “secure enough” when they misgender other people as an insult.

          • Maximus

            It’s not an insult. sanfv frequently uses female nouns, pronouns, and titles for all sorts of people: those whom he likes, those whom he dislikes, and even himself. It’s like how I just referred to you as “gurl”—I call everybody “gurl” or “a gurl.” It’s our way of challenging the heteronormative notion that feminine traits inherently undermine masculinity or manhood (and vice versa). Plus it’s fun!

          • a b

            Idk, I would probably try to be open minded about this if the concept was being presented for the first time by the fine lgbt commenters of str8upgayporn, but I’ve seen crappy straight people refering to gays in feminine pronoms for my whole life and it never felt like they were challenging heteronormativity, gender roles or trying to “empower” me. Not even once. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding something.

          • Maximus

            Well yeah, it’s usually intended as an insult when straight people do it. You’re amongst friends of Dorothy here, hunty.

  • Hereweare

    Doesn’t anyone see it as a “We have to defend ourselves” thing? It doesn’t seem random.

    • Nate

      This my dear would be even more stupid.

  • Maximus
  • Gays have every right to defend themselves from homophobes. See: http://www.pinkpistols.org/

  • Jordy

    It’s part of a cop photoshoot. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGpQjEJiV2u/
    Still in very bad taste however. Dissapointed and disgusted. Oh well, at least he tastes good.

  • Todd

    What a tool ….. And then sexualizing it with the raised shirt and whatever “below the waist”

    It’s been said enough …. Fine, keep your gun Mr. responsible Gun Owner …..help us limit access to people who shouldn’t have them. And access to unnecessar assault weapons.

  • NickDC

    I hope it is a fake gun because as far as I know convicted felons are not allowed to own firearms. This “former” meth addict with multiple convictions could face serious trouble if the firearm is real.

    • amy


      • anna smith

        it is not shade if it is true!
        by the way I thought MEN.com used to test their models. What happened to the those tests? Not testing anymore? Is that why he is back at MEN.com after few years out? Just Saying

    • sanfv

      You dragged that cum dumpster for filth!


    • sxg
  • iverge

    Don’t know why people have any expectation of decency from pornstars.

    • amy

      not every porn performer is a “hooker” and not all porn performers are the same. there are a lot guys out there who have “decency” and are worthy to follow and check what they are doing. what the believe and what they fight for are not the same reflection as Trenton Ducati gun photo.

      • iverge

        For the right amount of money every performer is a “hooker” just ask Donald Burns 😉

      • Pertinax

        The concept of ‘ decency ‘ is opposite to what porn embraces, so there’s no such a thing as ‘ decent porn ‘ or decent porn performer. The very nature of the thing is a barrier to ‘ decent guys that happen to be involved with porn…’ They don’t exist.

  • Dale Bergman
    • lance


  • Nate

    He removed the picture again. I think he realized himself how tasteless it was.

    • lance

      well he should not have posted it to begin with. plus he said he “hates” gun, so what take the damn picture on the first place. yeah I get it is for a scene but don’t post on social media like that few days after a mass massacre that killed 49 innocent people. CRAZY

  • C3xxx

    A swath of stupid cuts across older porn stars lately? First Colby Keller hashtagging his product in the tweet supporting Orlando now this neanderthal….

  • kevin

    Well, if it makes him feel like more of a man . . . whatever

  • Bradster

    What a dumbfuck

  • OverKill
  • sxg

    I don’t think this is a complete coincidence this bloated cunt knew exactly what he was doing. Just like he knew what he was doing when posting on twitter on how ecstatic he was about George Zimmerman being found not guilty from killing Trayvon Martin years ago.

    He probably thought he had such a high level of followers that this post would have become largely ignored, but clearly it wasn’t. Dude’s not sorry, he’s just sorry he got caught.

    AND he posted a retraction statement on twitter that ended with him claiming he hates guns. What a load of shit. Not only did he defend George Zimmerman’s actions based on 2nd amendment rights and the stand your ground law, he’s posted numerous on times on twitter acknowledging his support for gun rights.

  • TK
    • kkdd1

      BULL SHIT !!!

  • Pertinax

    Nice hair.

  • anna smith

    you are gonna delete the tasteless photo with the gun and say it was a technical “mistake” and it was from a scene… if it was from a scene witch I believe is was, why not have the balls and keep it there to promote you damn scene. but end up you shitty apology with “I hate guns” is the biggest bullshit of them all. I hate guns too and you won’t caught me holding a gun for any publicity stunt! it just does work for me… it was a fucked up move after what happened this past sunday in Orlando man. C’MON!!!

  • sanfv

    Guns and homophobes… Not a good time to post a gun, Bat-Ducati, but perfectly okay for TS to push a homophobe in their latest release? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3f5f2bab7d069f6fb817e4542844b43eb41e1acd83065305010b48236c0f4ffd.png

  • kkdd1

    Trenton u know that Aretha Franklin’s song R-E-S-P-E-C-T I wish U had some R-E-S-P-E-C-T 4 all of those poor folks in Orlando Florida

  • Martin McGee

    I think he probably used a program to queue his coming posts for weeks in advance, and forgot that one of the ones he had chosen happened to be from a cop themed scene where he handled a gun. Before the events in Orlando it would have been ostensibly OK. That being said, I completely understand that he felt bad and changed out the picture out of respect for the victims and their families who are undoubtably going through a very hard time.

  • n24rc

    This is a bit of an overblown outrage. It’s a movie promotional pic of a porn star with a prop gun.

    If you are really affected by this tragedy to the point that a pic with someone holding a gun, then you really shouldn’t be looking at porn or visiting a porn stars Instagram. You should be seeking the much appropriate assistance of a grief councilor.

    • Silver64

      So, when you look at porn, you expect to see a gun????? Oh, I forgot, from your other post, you said you’re heartless…

      Splains everything.

      • n24rc

        Take your outrage out on someone who deserves it, namely the wife and father of the shooter who had some inside knowledge of what was going on.

        Otherwise, put a cork in it.

    • Christian

      I don’t believe anyone is claiming to be traumatized by this picture. He’s rightfully being called out for being an insensitive prick by posting a picture glorifying a gun a mere couple days after the occurrence of the worst mass shooting in US history.

  • Greg

    “It was a horrible technical mistake.”
    And it just HAD to be right after a mass shooting at a gay club that killed 49 people, right?

  • PeaceForce

    Hello! The picture is from a recently released scene on Dylan Lucas called “Busted and Banged” Part 1 where Trenton plays a cop.. Information for the clip was uploaded to waybig.com on June 9th and can be found here: http://www.waybig.com/blog/2016/06/09/trenton-ducati-fucks-trent-ferris-in-busted-and-banged-part-1-at-dylanlucas/
    The 9th was last thursday.. Christina Grimmie was shot and killed on Friday in Orlando. Then Saturday the Massacre accrued also in Orlando.
    He probably did wait a few days before posting the picture, but obviously not long enough for some. I would have liked to have seen what caption (if any) he himself had on the picture and if he made it clear that it was from a recent scene that was just released. I’m not sure if models are obligated to promote scenes, but they most certainly do it a lot on twitter, instagram, etc. Might have been something he had to do and he was just given the source material.

  • Zealot

    Sachet was incredibly distraught at the outpouring of displeasure directed at his favorite porn idol. “Leave Trenton ALONE” he sobbed!

  • jimboivyo


  • lgb

    At least he removed it and apologised, that works for me

  • WhimsyCotton

    Yes yes disgusting. More importantly, can someone tell me why I have to cover my eyes every time I run into a Pertinax comment?

    I don’t what your obsession is with fucked up porn, but it is starting to traumatize me!

    • Pertinax

      This is for you. Happy now ?

      • WhimsyCotton

        Yes, thank you. I had no idea the things you post were even humanly possible until I saw your pictures. It’s just horrifying. Truly horrifying…

    • Maximus

      Is this footage of the first time that Mariah ever saw/heard Ariana Grande perform?

      • WhimsyCotton

        No. That footage looked more like this:

  • badgamer1967

    Trenton some advice..

  • Justin Matthews

    People love to complain everything and do nothing…typical….

  • C3xxx

    Smooth Ducati, real smooth.You managed to pull Keller with your pseudo-apology
    “It was a picture of a scene.” :/

  • Johnny

    Poor thing. All that meth didn’t leave behind many brain cells.